Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Un-Pilling Your Cloth Diapers Microfleece, an AHA Moment!

Every so often you come across other blog posts and have one of those Oprah Winfrey "aha! moments."  Well after browsing the Mod'N'Natural Blog and seeing her post on un-pilling your cloth diapers microfleece I thought "wow, what a great idea!"  I am sure it's been done before and I would have never considered it something that can't be done but I had never personally tried to tackle un-pilling fleece on my own.

Pilling fleece is not a huge problem but certainly un-pilled fleece is preferred, softer and much more sightly.  So if you're wanting to freshen up your diapers, perhaps before you try to resell them or just to help keep them looking newer, check out the post on Mod'N'Natural and try her technique!  She even has before and after photos to show!

So, if your Knickernappies Pockets are looking well worn on the inside you can bring them back to life, at least partially, by using this cool technique!

Check out Mod'N'Natural for some other great cloth diaper posts as well!


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