Friday, June 17, 2011

Kickernappies Custom Fit Diapers get rave reviews on Diaperpin!

Have you ever headed over to to check out the customer reviews of cloth diapers that you're interested in trying?  It's a great resource and there's a lot to be learned from the experience of others.  You'll be able to determine a lot about a diaper, it's fit, it's function and other valuable information that will help you decide whether to purchase or not.

Knickernappies Custom Fit Diapers have been getting some great reviews on Diaperpin!  we'll share some customer feedback with you below.
"I have a med. It's a great fit, and has plenty of room to grow. I love the wider pocket. Mine was a well-loved gift, and as the second owner I'm pleased with it's condition.  I also have two one-size KN pocket. They are on the larger range of OS pockets. At last check, they fit my 32lb. 38mo. boy. With one snap down, they fit my 20lb. 11mo. baby very well"." -MusicMama
"These are my favorite diapers! I reach for them anytime they are clean. They are great quality and I never have leak problems with these not even over night and my son is a very heavy wetter.  The colors are cute although I would love some prints. The side snaps are great because my son can't pull them off like he does with velcro. All in all these are a great diaper I have five of these and have never had a problem." -Beck
 "I first purchased size 1G mediums for my 6 month old and they fit great around the legs and rise as he is on the thinner side. I see others said they used their mediums until their children were much older, but I had to upgrade to the Large 1G at around 15 months (25 lbs) as DS was becoming too tall for them. They started fitting funny/tight around the upper thigh. I also bought some Large 2G thinking they'd be similar to the 1G, and was totally WRONG. The 2G fit WAY bigger in both the rise and leg holes. I'm quite sure it would be at least 9 months or more before DS grows into the 2G. Anyway in addition to some used Large 1G's, I have a couple of customs which I ordered off Hyena cart and LOVE them. You CAN get great/funky colors if you order them custom. You can choose the outer color or print, inner color/pattern and snap color. They also gave the option of 1G or 2G customs which is great." -Michele
Have you tried any Knickernappies products lately?  Make sure you head over to Diaperpin and leave your review as well.  We love reading your feedback and others depend on your honest evaluation of cloth diapers so that they can make an informed decision.


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