Monday, May 16, 2011

Crafting a Green World, You Should Check it Out!

From time to time I come across a blog or website that is so fun, so inspiring and motivating that I just can't stoop looking at it.  I immediately go to bookmark it and in the back of my head I'm thinking "Man, bookmarking just doesn't do this blog justice, I wish there was an extra glittery, sparkly, super bookmark for it!" lol

In my opinion, the best thing, right after bookmarking is to share the link with my friends via FaceBook of course!  Oh, and blog about it, we must definitely share it with our blog followers!

And so here I sit, hoping to share this great crafty new site that I found with you all.  It's called Crafting a Green World:  DIY for Environmentalists!

We've discussed it before, cloth diapering is a gateway for a lot of us.  After we're into it we can't help but begin to want to green other parts of our lifestyles and do more eco-friendly things whenever we can.  Being crafty is no different.  If you head to the local craft store it's almost impossible to get out of there without spending a fortune, often on cute things that you "must have" but then never end up using.

That's why Crafting a Green World is so cool.  It shows you some awesome cheap, and often free projects that you can do with found objects, many things you already have in your home.

Below I'm going to link you to some of the cool little projects I've found there.

These are just a few of the many many cool idea and tutorials there are on this great site.  Make sure to check it out and share it with your friends!


TheTreeHugginMomma said...

OOh great post -- thanks for sharing!! I am going to have to look into those links! I have a post on how to make reusable grocery bags out of old t-shirts and also links on how to make a cloth diaper out of your t-shirts!

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