Monday, May 2, 2011

#ClothDiapers Twitter Chat tonight and every Monday night at 9pm EST!

Did you know that every Monday night at 9pm eastern, cloth diapering mamas from all over the nation gather on Twitter and chat about cloth diapering?  Well now you do!

Each week from 9-10pm EST we chat using the hashtag #clothdiapers at the end of each of our tweets.  We discuss frequently asked questions about cloth diapers, we troubleshoot, talk about the diapers and manufacturers we love and have a great time getting to know eachother.

If you're wondering what a twitter chat is, it's basically like a a chat room except we're using twitter.  We filter tweets so that we only see all the tweets ending with the #clothdiapers hashtag.  This allows us to chat freely and see everyone else who's chatting about cloth diapers all on one screen.

For a more in depth explanation of how a Twitter Chat works, please visit one of our retailers blogs, Growing Green Bums Blog.  Her post, Twitter:  How to Guide for Cloth Diaper Twitter Chats will help you better understand how to join us.

So, we hope to see you on Twitter tonight!


Bum Luxury said...

Thanks for the reminder. Hopefully I will remember the #clothdiapers in my posts this week:)

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