Monday, April 11, 2011

Tips for organizing your cloth diaper stash!

Guest Post by Emily

We’ve got them all. Pockets, AIO, AI2, Hybrids, prefolds and covers, etc. Each diaper serves a purpose and is used regularly. So in order to keep them all handy and ready to go, we had to organize them in a way that would be easy to keep track of. We decided to use baskets on our changing table shelves, and add a diaper hanger and hanging organizer to the side.
Pockets and AIO go into one basket. It’s in the middle and easiest to grab since they are our go-to diapers for home.  The pockets are pre-stuffed for an easier change since putting a diaper on baby is like trying to dress an eel, or alligator, or squirmy little baby who really hates wearing clothes in general. 
Doublers, some snap in inserts, and newborn inserts go into another basket.  These aren’t used quite as often, but I do like the keep them within reach in case I have to add some absorbency mid-change. I also keep the spare diaper pail liner folded beside it.
Overnight diapers and flats go into another basket. We only use the flats as burp cloths right now, and they have a tendency to disappear. But we can usually fit all 12 of them in the basket along with the overnight diapers.
Prefolds, Flip stay dry and organic inserts, and one lone overnight insert go into the diaper hanger. This makes it easier to just pull out the prefolds/inserts and lay them right into the covers.  
The hanging organizer is home to the container holding cloth wipes and a squirt bottle in the top pocket, diaper covers and AI2 shells in the second, GroVia soakers taking up the third, and the bottom pocket holds miscellaneous baby essentials such as the diaper cream and baby oil.
This was the easiest way for us to set up the diaper stash. But there are many other ways! You can store them folded in drawers, stuffed or unstuffed, stacked, sperated by type, or all throw in together. The important thing is that you organize it in a way that is comfortable and convenient for you and whoever else might be changing the baby!

About Emily:   Emily is a Navy wife and WAHM to a handsome baby boy. Sh has been cloth diapering her son since he was a month old, and is a self-proclaimed fluff addict.


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