Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Didn't your grandma teach you how to sew?!

I came across this article recently and wow, I really love it.  It makes so much sense on so many different levels and I thought it was really interesting to hear what our grandmother's generation has to say about the current cloth vs. disposable debate.

The article is from The Salt Lake Tribune and it's appropriately titled Generation gap sparks cloth vs. disposable diaper debate!

The article goes on to share what some elderly really think about disposable diapering...
"Lazy and entitled. That’s how some older Utahns see young people who are poor and spending money on disposable diapers. "

Women much like our grandmothers and our mothers grandmothers, wonder why would low-income families struggle to buy disposables when they could just use cloth?  Furthermore, why don't today's young people just make their own cloth diapers?  Didn't their grandmother's teach them anything?
These spunky old gals are absolutely right.  Today's young mothers may have themselves been raised in single parent household or two-parent household where both parents worked.  They were not all raised up with homecooked meals three times a day, and sewing...Sewing is kind of a thing of the past.  Why sew when you can just buy what you need?  That's most likely the mentality of a lot of families.

The debate correlates perfectly to the diapering dilemma at hand.  Decades after disposables were introduced, they have simply become "the" way to go, as if there are no other options.  Using cloth diapers, let alone making your own...that's just about as far fetched to some as the notion of hunting and gathering for your own food.  Cloth diapers just aren't on a lot of peoples "radar" (according to this article) when they find out they're expecting a baby or having trouble affording disposables.

The article goes on to explain reasons why cloth just isn't a feasible option for low-income families who may not have access to washing facilities or even a bathtub.

Ultimately this article concludes that cloth diapers are making a comeback and are beginning to make more and more sense, both for economical and environmental reasons.  I just thought that personally, it was neat to read how these elderly ladies planned to take action in their community and see that low-income families got the knowledge and resources they needed to diaper their babies, without having to rely solely on disposables.

You can read the article in it's entirety here.


LindaHnub said...

Great blog and thanks for sharing the article! I'm expecting my first baby and have decided to cloth diaper. Although I'm not in the best financial situation, esp with the initial costs of cloth diapers being quite high, I've decided to sew my own. Sewing in itself is a challenge tho b/c I don't know how to sew, nor did I own a sewing machine. But I've been resourceful and through FreeCycle, I was able to get a sewing machine for free (I'm extremely thankful for that) and have been reading lots and lots about how to sew! :)

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