Monday, April 4, 2011

Dads and diapers, What did your husband think?

Is daddy on board with your decision to cloth diaper?  Is he now an advocate or does he not really care one way or the other?

I'm always curious to hear what other families have gone through with regards to their decision to cloth diaper?  I know some families are more eco-conscious than others and that in those families it may have been more of a joint decision to cloth diaper, or maybe even a non-issue. 

In my case, the discussion of cloth diapers came up when we realized how expensive it would be to use disposables with twins.  Not to mention we had already become extremely aware of how much waste we were producing, the garbage bags were so heavy with diapers that I could barely even carry them out to the trash can.  We seemed to be tearing through the disposable packages left and right and saw no real end in sight, the babies were only a few months old at that point.

What was he thinking?

I remember when I first mentioned cloth he thought it was a brilliant idea.  I was so excited, "wow that was easy" I thought to myself.   Then I brought up the issue of buying them and all the sudden he realized we actually had to spend money! Perhaps he thought I could just make them appear of out thin air?  Regardless, he was totally shocked when I explained that even with really good used diapers, I'd need to spend 10-12.00 per diaper, if not more, and for new ones at least $15.00.  Those figures were insane to him, but when I explained the overall savings he remained convinced it was the right decision for us.

Did he actually plan on using them?

Well when it actually came right down to it, he didn't have a choice because we didn't keep disposables in the house any more and all he could use were cloth diapers.  Granted, I didn't leave him home too often with our breastfed twin babies, but when I did he was in charge of changing their diapers.

I quickly realized that sized pockets and definitely pre-stuffed ones, were what I'd have to prepare for him to use.  We had some hilarious incidents where he put pocket diapers on them with no inserts inside, and with the onesize he never tried to make them fit, always just used the first snaps which meant the diapers were always falling off, thankfully the babies weren't mobile at the time.

Did using cloth diapers make an impact on him?

Actually yes!  I can't tell you how many times he advocated cloth to his co-workers, who if you can believe it are all men and firefighters none the less.  He even took a diaper to work at the fire station every now and then to show them what they looked like.

I'm not sure he was ever convincing enough to convert anyone but he sure tried and I thought it was sweet.  If money hadn't been an issue I still think we would have ended up using cloth diapers but I am not sure he would have been so easy to convince.

*So tell us, what did the daddy in your household think?  Was he easy to convince?  Was it his idea?  Does he change diapers?  Please share your stories with us.


Michele said...

My DH hates cloth diapers. Let's just say he's cheap and lazy, lol.

Amy said...

We've been cloth diapering for almost a year, and hubby is still not totally converted. He loves how much money we are saving, but when there is a disposable nearby that's what he'll use.
Unfortunately we have to disposable at night. Our little guy's skin is too sensitive to handle the bit of ammonia and the lot of moisture that naturally happens at night (we cloth pull-up our 3 year old at night and he has no problem).
I always have quite a few diapers prepped and ready to go so if I'm around he'll be sure to put a cloth on the baby, but for some reason, when I'm not home, the baby always gets a disposable. I have to add, though, that he really doesn't change many diapers so I think this adds to his lingering intimidation.
For me cloth diapering is much more than saving money. I would have gladly continued paying for sposies if not for my understanding of the environmental impact of disposable diaper use (not to mention what is in disposable diapers). I think he simply doesn't think about that part.

Anna said...

We just started cloth diapering our second child who is 2 months. What convinced me was we had not been buying diapers for about 6 months since our daughter is potty trained, she only wears a pull up at night.
When our son was 7 weeks we had spent $70 on diapers already or $10 a week.

I had been thinking about switching, but didn't know how to bring it up to my husband. I went to a diaper party and got a free trial. I showed him the diapers and how much money we would spend on cloth diapers vs. disposables (even the store brands.)

He agreed we could switch, on one condition he would not have to change any diapers. So we are slowly switching and he has yet to change a diaper.

Julie said...

test comment.

EmilyKy said...

My husband didn't realize what cloth diapering was. He thought it was prefolds and rubber pants. Then the Fuzzi Bunz, Thirsties, Bum Genius, etc started arriving and he picked his favorite (Fuzzi Bunz) and he LOVED them. He can't imagine putting sposies on our son anymore.

Valerie said...

My husband had to convince me! Thankfully, I an the type to actually research and whatnot. It makes so much sense. I just hope, once the baby comes, he actually helps with the diapers.

Jen said...

It was partially my hubby's idea to start cloth diapering. He loves the idea of saving money and it is so much better on my daughters skin. He is never hesitant about changing diapers he only has 2 issues and that is spraying off poop ( he leaves it for me) and getting the night time diaper ready, he seems to always put microfibre next to her skin. We both love cloth diapering and dont intend on ever going back to expensive, wasteful, stinky disposables

m_ottenhof said...

It was my husband who suggested we use cloth in the first place. I had never even thought about using cloth until he mentioned it. He was relieved (as was I) that he didn't have to fold and pin the diapers as we bought mostly fitteds, he was even more on board with cloth once he saw all the neat ones there are out there. He tells any friends who are having babies how great they are.

Shanon said...

My hubby is 100% on board, we talked about it both did our research and agreed to cloth diaper. He changes A LOT of diapers plus he's a stay-at-home daddy so he's on diaper duty more than me. He does the laundry & helped size them when we got them. I have a very supportive hubby in regards to cloth diapering so I'm very happy!!!

susie190 said...

My husband was afraid of poop at first. I bought a trail pack and had him change a few. He realized it wasn't so bad and from on he is been an advocate for it. :) Even posting on our forum about how great he thinks it is.

lelaynia said...

When my husband and I were discussing things for our daughter, I told him we would be using cloth diapers. He was actually ok with it even before I gave him the good reasons (greener, saves money). He likes the BG that I got the best, but he knows how to use the prefolds and covers, too! We do use disposables occasionally when we go out and some overnights, but at 1 box every month and a half, I'm ok with it.

Timmi said...

I wanted to cd from the start with our first. Well whatever I tried to say to convince him he said no. Stupid stubborn men! Then when we were struggling with money and diaper rashes with our second well they just screamed at us to try them. He was right on board this time and brags about the savings! We don't try and convert others since it seems almost taboo here. But we're both happy and I'm sure our littlest is too.

Suzy said...

My husband was on board from the get go. We decided to cloth diaper because we are both in school and I did a cost comparison and showed him how much money we would save. He helps stuff the diapers and has no problems changing her or spraying out the poopies in the toilet. I am very blessed to have such a loving and supportive husband.

Anne said...

When we were expecting, my husband and I discussed CDs (motivated by both financial and environmental reasons). We bought a couple and borrowed our niece to do a "test run" and make sure we really thought we could handle it before making the investment. :)Our son is now 7 months, and my husband was just telling me the other day how glad he is that we decided to use CDs!

Anitra said...

We've been doing it since our first baby was born 2.5 years ago. He was all for it, since it would save us money. We've built up our stash slowly, so it's never really broken the budget (although it almost broke ME when #1 was a newborn and we had so few I had to do laundry every 12 hours or so...)

With two in diapers and approaching potty-training, he's been a little more resistant to buy larger diapers (reasoning that it might be cheaper to just use 'sposies until the big girl is potty-trained), but he still advocates cloth to all our friends with babies!

Just Add Cloth said...

My husband was on board before we even conceived. We are pretty darn crunchy though. I built up our stash during my pregnancy. Once he saw his first pocket diaper he asked "why doesn't everybody use these?!?".
I caught him folding diaper laundry yesterday.:)

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