Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cloth Diapering, Venture into the past!

Reader contributed article by Caitlyn

It’s sort of ironic to think that something as routine in babycare, diapers, could serve as a way to connect with older family members. A child of the 80s, I was formula fed and disposable diapered, as presumably many (if not most) others of my generation. Discussing my decision to cloth diaper with my mom was sort of different from what I expected, given my upbringing, but I think she was interested in learning more because it has become more popular and in fashion. My mother in law, on the other hand, couldn’t wrap her mind around why I would want to do something like that when I didn’t have to.

It’s funny to think that when my parents were babies, there was no other option. It was cloth diaper or nothing. My grandmother, or grammie as my girls affectionately call her, confirmed this when she was telling me about some blue polka dot prefolds she received as a shower gift when pregnant with my uncle in 1956. She has been amazed with how far cloth diapers have come, I’ve discussed the leopard, cow, and camouflage prints, and how prefolds are still around, but come with adorable covers. After just our first conversation, I could sense her excitement, and she even offered to help build our stash.

Unfortunately, I was somewhat shocked to find that there were no cloth diaper stores nearby, and the only mothering store nearby carried only one brand, not what I was looking for. Thus, our cloth diapering shopping trip has yet to take place, but I enjoy showing off the new styles I pick up for my daughter, and soon to arrive son. She tells me about how when she used cloth diapers, aside from there being a lack of options, she had to hand wash. It definitely makes me appreciate how far the field has come, and how little effort it actually takes, especially considering the tremendous benefits for the environment and our bank account. Cloth diapering across generations, who knew?
Bio: Caitlyn is a stay at home mom/attorney. A newcomer to the cloth diapering world, she has two girls, Isabelle (3), and Maya (almost 2), with baby brother due to arrive this May. Her website is http://www.obolskytaxlaw.com


Riggslacey said...

I was talking to my grandparents about cloth diapers just the other day. They were saying they used them on my mom and uncles and how horrible they were. I tried to explain to them how amazing and cute mine were. My grandpa said "yeah, we see them on Facebook all the time and they are way cuter than what we used". So, they are mostly supportive of it. They don't always understand why I do it, but they listen to me talk about them. I think if they saw them (they live 2000 miles away), they would be in love.

Samantha said...

My grandfather, for the first few months of my daughter's life, would always tell us how to wash her diapers. He has days when he doesn't remember if I'm me or my mother, but he remembered exactly how to wash a prefold to make sure it didn't stain and it didn't stink.

My mum is really funny about it. She was so convinced that our cloth stash was going to be a very expensive experiment and now she's the first person to pull them out of my diaper bag and chat people up about them.

Rochelle said...

My grandmother, who had 9 children, never could understand why anyone would use disposable...."It's so much easier to wash than to have to run to the store...and a little baking soda and there is no smell....throw away diapers stink BEFORE they get used...."

I never thought of using anything other than cloth for my babies...ever.

MrsQriist said...

My grandmother CD'd my mom and aunt (I think, lol) in the late 60's, and my mother CD'd 4 of us, '88, '90, '92, and '98. I remember the last one (I'm '88), and I know that the diapers I'm using now are SO much nicer than what she used. She had a service available and used DSQ prefolds with pins, a snappi or 2, and pull-on covers. I'm not sure I could do it that way, lol. Pull-on nylon pants are so hard to get a good fit with and make such a mess when there's a poo-splosion (because I suck at putting on a prefold, lol). Give me flats, pins, and a Thirsties/Flip cover any day :)

My grandma keeps buying us disposables because she can't figure out why I like cloth, but my mom's always willing to hear a schpiel about a new cover we get or something I made.

MrsQriist said...

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