Tuesday, April 26, 2011

52 Weeks of Clean, Rockin Green Style! Have you singed up?

Have you all heard of Rockin' Greens 52 Weeks of Clean project?  It's a super cool idea created to give you some inspiration and innovation when it comes to your day to day cleaning routines!

Sign up for Rockin' Greens 52 Weeks of Clean and via text or email you will receive a free cleaning tip, delivered straight to your phone or email inbox!

Here's what Rockin Green has to say about their 52 Weeks of Clean campaign...

Well, not only have we been hearing from all our rockin’ customers about their creative uses for Rockin’ Green around the entire house (definitely not just the laundry room), but we have been looking for a fun way to share our cleaning secrets with our awesome fans. Thus…welcome to Rockin’ Green’s 52 Weeks of Clean.

What’s in it for you: Each week, a free-yet-clever clean tip will be blasted to opt-in subscribers. We’ll feature eco-friendly cleaning tips, challenging moms everywhere to think creatively and green when it comes to household cleaning. Most tips will include the ever versatile Rockin’ Green detergent as the cleaning agent.
The once-a-week tips will be clumped several categories including:
  • Laundry Tips
  • Household Cleaning Tips
  • Tip to Managing Stains
  • Dish Cleaning Tips
How it works: Subscribers can receive 52 Weeks of Clean via SMS text message to their mobile phone or via email, with one tip coming every week for one year.

Click --->HERE<--- to sing up and for more details!


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