Tuesday, March 8, 2011

To use trainers or not to use trainers, that is the question!

Funny how you're using cloth diapers and at some point you come to an age where you need to address potty training and the issue of whether or not to use trainers.

With cloth diapers your child is always a little more aware of the moisture when they pee as opposed to when they wear disposables and so it makes no sense to go from using cloth diapers to using disposable trainers.  Cloth trainers do exist but from my experience they're a sort of backup, not made to necessarily catch all that toddler pee, and let me tell you, my toddlers sure can pee a lot, especially at night.

I knew pretty early on that I just wasn't going to use cloth trainers for overnight, I wanted to stick with my pocket diapers.

I slowly began to transition the boys from cloth diapers during the day to wearing underwear during the day.  This went over great and they really enjoyed wearing their underwear just like daddy.  Each day we went virtually accident free, but at night there was just no chance I wanted to risk them BOTH wetting the bed, especially MY BED! lol

I decided that although our diapering days were pretty much over that I'd make one last investment in cloth and get them some new pockets to wear just at night.  I really didn't need new ones but I thought that having some new colors or prints might help them better understand that these were their special "nighttime" diapers and not just those same old ones they wore when they were a baby.  This went over really well with them. 

I explained that their special new "nighttime" diapers didn't actually need to get peed in, they were for just in case, and if they didn't pee in them then we could take them off in the a.m. and put them back in our special drawer.

I never felt that just because a child is technically in a diaper meant that they'd automatically feel the need to use the diaper.  My sons enjoyed getting to wear their new big boy underwear during the day and it wasn't long at all before they were able to wear them overnight too, but for quite some time we used our Knickernappies OS Pockets and a couple other pockets as our nighttime diapers.

So that's it in a nutshell, that's how we skipped training pants all together and it worked perfectly for us.  What are your thoughts?  Do you use trainers or plan on using them?  Do you use disposable trainers?  I'd love to hear your experience.


Leia said...

I didn't use disposable trainers to potty train my girls. We used underwear during the day and disposables diapers at night. Now that I use cloth, I love the idea of purchasing a few new pockets for night-time diapers! Kind of like big kid underwear.

Jill said...

I just saved a few of my pockets out and called them 'night night' diapers. She still wears them at night and she knows she can tell us she has to go, in fact I got a 5 am wake up call. She did have some minor wetting either before or after that (she went back to bed), now that she's moved to her big girl bed. At nap time she just wears her underwear. We have about a 50/50 wet/dry rate. She wanted to be in her big girl bed. We have 'soaker pads' on order that we can put over the bed but for today I just folded a crib mattress protector in half and shoved that under her. Fingers crossed I won't be washing sheets in an hour or so!

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