Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spotlight on Simple Mom: Cloth Diapering 101!

I just love when you're wandering around the web and you come across nicely written, accurate information on cloth diapering in unexpected places.  The Simple Mom website is a very resourceful website loaded with tons of advice and information for "home managers."

Simple Mom's article Cloth Diapering 101 is truly a breath of fresh air.  The author, Tsh, gives a very gentle and unbiased rundown of the ins and outs involved with cloth diapers.  Her tone is friendly and while she does use cloth diapers and is obviously advocating them, you don't get the feeling that she's being pushy at all.

Tsh advises those who are considering cloth,
"No matter your decision, make it a well-informed one, and don’t write off cloth diapers without first learning more about them."
If you're looking for a great article to share with your friends about cloth diapering then this is a great one. 


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