Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Knickernappies Mama Cloth featured on Hobo Mama Reviews & Natural Parents Network!

We were super excited to have been contacted by Lauren aka Hobo Mama.  She's the mama behind some very special sites, Hobo Mama, Hobo Mama Reviews and Natural Parents Network!
She did a fabulous review of our Knickernappies Stackable Mama Cloth for her "Green Your Period" event.  During this event she's featuring different green menstrual methods and we're super pleased to have been included.

What great things did Lauren have to say about our stackable pads?
I love the idea of the Stackable Mama Pads. They're a unique 3-in-1 system that will fit absorbency needs from pantiliner to regular pad to heavy flow. That way, you can adjust the absorbency throughout your menstrual cycle without having to buy several different pad sizes.

My favorite aspect of the stackable design is that you can reuse the shell throughout the dayjust swapping out the pad liners as you need them replaced. That means you need only a few shells for your whole cycle, and you can buy extra pads (liners) separately.

One smaller liner works well for light flow. One larger liner is comparable to a standard pad. Snapping on both liners at the same time provides coverage for heavy flow.

The shells and liners are consistently the same sizes so any future shells or liners you buy will fit any other set.

The outer shell is very thin, waterproof fleece. The larger pads are made from microfiber, hemp, and cotton/poly velour (76% combed cotton/24% polyester — the polyester is used on the backside as a stabilizer). The smaller pads are microfiber and velour. The soft velour sits against the skin, and the workhorse microfiber is highly absorbent.

The shell with the pad(s) snaps up into a little bundle so you can toss it in a bag or even your pocket (it would be a little bulky there, though!) and take it with you. I doubt anyone would know what it was (unless they actually did know what it was — in which case, they'd just be applauding you for being so dang cool and environmental).
Hobo Mama Reviews is even giving away a set of our Knickernappies Stackable Mama Pads and this giveaway is co-sponsored by one of our fabulous retailers, Fluff Envy!  Make sure you head over there and enter today.  Giveaway ends 04-19-11


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