Monday, March 14, 2011

How much do you love your Diaper Sprayer?

Today I thought we'd shine a little light on our Knickernappies Diaper Sprayer!  Diaper Sprayers are one of those cloth diapering accessories that many moms try to do without because of the added expense involved in purchasing them.  The thing is, diaper spayers make your life EASIER and they make diaper laundry less of a chore.

You might think that using a sprayer is like going back in time to when our grandmothers used to swish diapers around in the toilet and wring them out.  I'm sure we all cringe at that thought.  So any time you think about taking a diaper over to the toilet moms tend to think "ewwww, too much work!"

Let's go over some of the reasons you SHOULD use a Knickernappies Diaper Sprayer:
  • Spraying a diaper before washing helps prevent odors from setting in.
  • Spraying as much poop off of the diaper as you can helps prevent staining.  Depending on how long you go between washes, letting the poop dry onto your diapers is not wise, especially if you care about keeping them nice and white.  
  • The cleaner your diapers are before you have to wash them the less likely you are to need extra rinses.  We all know from experience that not all "solids" just dissolve away in the wash.  Depending on the bowel movement and what baby ate, there may be bits and pieces of things which we shall not  These little bits and pieces may end up hanging around in the washer even after your diapers are washed resulting in you having to wash them all over again.
  • No more unidentified "bits and pieces" turning up inside your pockets where they do not belong!
  • Diaper Sprayers are easy to use and can be installed in a matter of moments, no plumbers needed.
  • Knickernappies Diaper Sprayers feature an adjustable flow control valve so that you can adjust the pressure and minimize overspray.
  • Assembled in the USA.
In my opinion, and if you ask any mom who has a Knickernappies Diaper Sprayer, you'll find that this is commonly referred to as the one cloth diapering necessity that they can not live without.

The benefits of using a diaper sprayer far outweigh the costs, especially when you take into consideration the fact that you'll be able to wash more efficiently and possibly eliminate those extra rinses and wash cycles.

So how about you?  Do you have a Sprayer?  Plan on purchasing one?  We'd love to hear your responses!


    tisha said...

    the reason i havent purchased a diaper sprayer is the price.

    yes in the long run its not that expensive but to come up with that chunk of change right now is impossible for someone like me.

    Danielle @ Happenings of the Harper Household said...

    I love mine! My hubby made me a DIY diaper sprayer.... I blogged about it:

    Kansas Mom said...

    I remember when my husband installed the diaper sprayer -- it took him about five minutes.

    You don't really need a diaper sprayer with newborn diapers. A good option for those without the cash -- save up to buy your cloth diapers before baby is born. Then use your savings from not buying disposable diapers to save up for the diaper sprayer.

    It's also wonderful to have when kids get sick. Just spray the yuckiness into the toilet before throwing cloths or bedding into the washing machine.

    caedmen said...

    We have a hand held shower head in the bathroom that reaches to the toilet (small bathroom), it works just as well.

    Leigh said...

    I uninstalled my knickernappies sprayer to take it on a two and a half week trip to my parents.

    Lili said...

    I LOVE our diaper sprayer!!!

    We found that the most economical way for us to get the sprayer was to buy our diapers in the value pack from Kelly's Closet. When you do the math, you're basically buying the diapers and getting the sprayer, wipes, and wet bag for free. We knew it would be a little bit of an expensive buy in to do it all at once, but in the long run we saved BIG TIME when it comes to the cleanliness of our diapers, washer, and other clothing that goes into the washer. it was well worth it!

    The sprayer is INVALUABLE and I'd buy it again and again!!!

    Huikyong said...

    it really does help with the big yucky poos. but does anyone have any tips for spraying so the icky poo water does not spray all over the toilet and floor?

    Jessie said...

    I went without a diaper sprayer for a while and now that i have one i don't know how. My girlie is very regular and usually "goes" about when I sit down for my morning coffee! YUCK! The diaper sprayer makes it so quick and easy...

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