Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday's Featured Fluff Addict is....Miranda!

Please say hello to today's Featured Fluff Addict, it's Miranda from One Praying Mommy!

Tell us a little about yourself, where you are located, how many kids you have,little ones in cloth, etc. My name is Miranda I have been married to my awesome husband Matt for 7 1/2 years.  We live in sunny San Diego, CA and have 1 1/2 children.  Gracieana is 15 months and our little boy is due May 26.  Gracie is in cloth full time these days and we are excited to start from birth with the new one (we didn't with Grace).  I am an active blogger and I write about "Building a Village" through finding support in your community and giving it back! 

What made you decide to give cloth diapers a try?  Well we wanted to do it from birth with Gracie for eco reasons but new NOTHING about cloth. I thought the choices were disposables, pre-folds and plastic pants and G-diapers because they were all I had seen/heard of.  Once I found out about one size, AIO and such I was hooked.

What were your friends and family's reaction when seeing the "new" cloth diapers and have they been supportive or skeptical of your choice to use cloth diapers?  My GREAT group of mommy friends actually got me started, letting me borrow dipes to try out, encouraging me with links, sales sites, etc. so there was a TON of support there.  My family has been mostly supportive though some tease.

What was your very first cloth diaper? A girlfriend bought me a bum genius AIO and gave it to me at my baby shower and I was like, "What is this weird thing?  I'll never use it!"  I thought about tossing it but hung on to it and then when I found out what it was I LOVED it.  I also had G-diapers from Gracie's birth (I had registered for them) but used the disposable inserts for the first 6 months or so.

What type of diapers does your stash primarily consist of; pockets, aio, onesize, prefolds, flats, hybrids, etc.?  I have a few "hybrid system" diapers, G's and Gro-vias, 1 AIO (the old faithful baby shower gift) and a few onesizes.  Looking to build that up with more AIO, OS and some newborn diapers, pre-folds and covers.

What is your favorite Knickernappies product or which Knickernappies product are you dying to try and why?  I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Knickernappies are made in the USA and its family owned.  This is the biggest selling point for me.  It REALLY makes me want to buy them up.  Since I just started the CDing a few weeks ago and bought all my stash used I don't yet have any, but they are coming soon I swear as soon as that tax return gets here I want to try the custom fit size small and some one sizers!

Do you have a favorite place to hang out and talk or learn about cloth ; a Blog, Message Board, Facebook page?  I'm ALL OVER facebook with the CDing links, also I hope to review and giveaway some on my blog.

What cloth diapering item, besides diapers, do you consider to be a must-have accessory? The flushable liners make it so my husband is willing.

If you could share just one tip with someone who is just starting out with cloth or considering using cloth, what would be your best piece of advice to them?  Just try it- its easier than you think and if it seems to expensive initially just buy a few and get them used.  In the end you'll save TONS!
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