Thursday, March 3, 2011

A day in the life of a Cloth Diapering WAHM.

The topic of wahm-hood is near and dear to my heart.  I am a wahm and I blog for Knickernappies, owned by Heather &  Shannon who are a wahm and wahd duo.  Many, actually most, of our Knickernappies retailers are wahm owned companies as well.

One of the best things about this industry is that through your support of the various cloth diaper manufacturers, retailers and bloggers, we're enabling moms across the country and around the world an opportunity to work from home.  But what is really involved in working from home?

While being a wahm is super rewarding, it is a lot of work too.  Just in the course of typing this blog post I have fixed two snacks, wiped someones butt, cleaned up dog poop, refereed two fights, changed a dvd twice and still have two little ones attempting to spin me in my computer chair while I type.  Oh and I had my coffee spilled on my desk, thankfully not on the keyboard...

On top of my wahm duties add receiving, unpacking, and sorting inventory, taking orders, packaging them, shipping them, responding to customer emails, managing a Facebook page and updating a website and you'll start to get an idea of what a cloth diapering wahm goes through in a days time.  And I didn't even mention the housework and other domestic responsibilities!

What reason do I have for wanting to share this with you all?  Well so that you might appreciate your wahm retailers a little more of course!

It's unfortunate in this economy that saving money has become a top priority and wahm businesses all over the place are suffering.  They work so hard for your business, will respond to your cloth diapering questions and help you troubleshoot at all hours of the night only to have you come back a week later and say "Remember me?  Well I picked up XYZ diapers like you suggested at a big box store or mega retailer, because they were on sale, and now I need your help!

What happens next?  Your favorite super helpful wahm, who you did not shop from, stays up late typing a response to your email hoping that her efforts will not be in vain, and that maybe one day she'll get your sale.  This is just a fact of life and a part of what's involved in being a cloth diaper retailing wahm, trying to operate a small business where customer service and word of mouth are everything.

It's common in this industry for customers to hold small businesses and wahms to a higher standard than the big box stores and mega e-tailers.  They expect super fast shipping, no mistakes, immediate response to emails and round the clock customer support.  It's my hope that you'll see the value in all the hard work a wahm puts into her business and consider that next time you go somewhere else to shop just to save a buck or two.  Surely her helpfulness and attentiveness is worth it.

Call to action!  Stop by your favorite wahm's FaceBook Pages and leave them a comment or send them an email today letting them know that you appreciate them.  I'm telling you it will mean the world to them.

*So what are your thoughts?  We'd love to hear from you!


Anonymous said...

Excellent post! I appreciate ALL WAHMs and hope that the extra effort pays off! I don't WAH yet, but am starting to get my business in line! I would happily (and do) pay an extra buck or two or five just to get the extra care, support, and effort from WAHMs! I love supporting WAHMs and would much rather support them than the big retailers! Great post! :-)

Boise Wiebers said...

While I don't have an official side business, I can totally relate to that 3rd paragraph. That describes my day so well. Thanks for the smile this morning.
- Trisha

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