Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My husband made me do it!

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My husband convinced me to use cloth diapers.

When I got pregnant, my husband suggested we use cloth diapers.  I was thinking prefolds, pins, and plastic pants.  So I objected.  Apparently he was thinking of the same system, but he was all for it.  He figured if it was good enough for his mom, I could do it, too.  “It’s easy,” he said. “When you have a dirty diaper you just hold it in the toilet and flush.”  Now I know he was talking about the dunk and swish method.  But there was no way I was going to do that.

My husband persisted, though, and brought it up several times.  Each time I told him I was just not going to deal with it, and that holding a diaper in the toilet and flushing was too gross.  Finally, one day I gave in and told him I’d look into it.  I changed my status to “Sarah is considering cloth diapers.”  What a reaction I got!  Most people just got grossed out but I got a couple of helpful starter hints.  I followed the links I got and searched for the brands they mentioned, and a whole new world opened up to me.

Very slowly, I learned about modern cloth diapers.  It took me awhile to figure everything out, but I just kept going.  I learned what a pocket diaper was, what an all-in-one was, what prefolds were (although it took me awhile to figure out why they were called prefolds if you still had to fold them) and so on.  Eventually I got the hang of it.  I read up on washing routines, detergent, and I looked into dozens of brands and stores.  I’m pretty sure all my nesting energy as a pregnant woman went into cloth diapers.

My husband has been great the whole way.  He’s great about trying all the different brands I come across, though I do try to save the easiest closures for him.  I know getting the husband on board is often the hardest part of cloth diapering and I realize how lucky I am!  He describes cloth diapering as “virtuous” and he was happy to learn about the modern advancements - flushable liners, diaper sprayers, and no more dunking and swishing. Unless, I guess, you really want to.

Sarah's Bio:
I am from Salt Lake City, Utah and graduated from Brigham Young University with a double major in Linguistics and German.  Now a stay at home mom to Nathan, born July 2010.  I'm learning how to cloth diaper on a budget while my husband is in law school.  I enjoy clogging, I dabble in sewing, and of course, I love cloth diapering! 

Sarah is also a blogger, you can visit her at her Blog Left Handed.


Jenn Coy said...

You're not alone! My husband made us cloth diaper too and I'm so glad he did. It's great to have a partner who's supportive... he even does all the diaper washing. :-)

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