Monday, February 7, 2011

Knickernappies Onesize Video Review by

Today I thought we'd re-share a great Youtube Video made by Kim of DirtyDiaperLaundry!  Kim is pretty famous in the cd community for her thorough and professional video reviews.  She even has a gig as a contributor for the popular ClothDiaperWhisperer Blog!

Our Knickernappies Blog has grown by leaps and bounds since that last time we shared this video review with our readers so what better time then to share it again for all our new followers to see!

Have you ever considered doing video reviews?  Anyone can give it a try!  If you've got a Knickernappies product that you love and you decide to film your very own review of it, make sure you let us know and we'll feature you on our blog and add your video to our Youtube Favorites!  

Don't forget, creating a video for Knickernappies would also be considered a contribution and you'd be eligible to win some of our cool monthly contributor awards!

To watch more of Kim's great video reviews make sure to check out her blog Dirty Diaper Laundry!

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