Monday, January 10, 2011

Knickernappies 2G Pocket diapers have a new name!

Bye Bye Disposanot, Hello Custom Fit Diapers!

You might remember the Knickernappies sized pocket diapers as the Disposanot.  A cute and catchy little name that has served us well.  What you might not know is that some time ago we actually dropped the "Disposanot" name and have referred to our sized pockets as "2G Pocket Diapers."

Now we're taking our "2G Pockets" to the next phase in their life and we'll be re-naming them Knickernappies Custom Fit Diapers!  Same great diaper as the 2G a.k.a. Disposanot, just a new name which allows customers to recognize our sized pockets exactly as they are, custom fit diapers available in three sizes, each with adjustable hip and waist snaps giving you that perfect fit for your little one.

Our Custom Fit diapers are available in an adorable variety of colors and are in stock at many of our fine retailers!  Looking for a retailer?  Visit our Retailer Locator here "Find a Store."


Secret Mommy said...

I never heard the Disposanot name, but I'm telling you I am a huge fan of these dipes. I have many mediums for my 1 year old and will DEFINITELY be buying smalls for our next baby. The large's (before you came out with your one-size...) were one of the only pocket dipes that fit my 2 year old when he got "sturdy" before slimming down. Now he can also wear the one-sizes, but I really like the custom fits without all the snaps down the front. :) Thanks for such a great dipe!!!!!

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