Friday, January 28, 2011

Getting into the groove with mama cloth: Tips for using mama cloth!

Using mama cloth might seem like a cut and dry issue, you either use it or you don't, and you've been having your cycle for years so you should be an expert at knowing what to do already.

No matter your level of "experience" there are always tips and tricks and things to consider when trying something new.  Mama cloth is no exception.  You might think it's as easy as ordering your mama pads and voila!  But there can be a learning curve, you have to find your groove, find what method works best.

Here are some things to consider...
  • You should try different styles, types of absorbent fabrics, lengths and shapes.  We all know that womens panties come in all shapes and sizes so you should try different types of mama pads to see which work best for you.
  • Purchase a mama cloth wetbag!  Remember that you'll need somewhere to store your soiled pads if you have to change them while you're out.  Most pads, including Knickernappies, have snaps so you can conveniently fold them up and tuck them away in your purse inside a small wetbag.
  • Decide how you're going to wash them or store them.  Some mamas like to wash theirs with their cloth diapers, others with their bath towels.  Remember same rules apply with detergent, no fabric softener.
  • Consider how you will store them until laundry day.  Some wash theirs immediately while others wait a few days.  Letting them dry means that staining could set in.  Some moms prefer to soak theirs in a bowl of water or some other container until wash day so that they'll be easier to clean.
  • Should staining occur consider changing up your wash routine and try sunning your mama pads outside or in a window to lighten the stains.  Sunning really works wonders, especially on organic stains.  Read our past post about sunning for more info.
Using mama cloth is a convenient and very comfortable option.  For more information on mama cloth and Knickernappies Stackable Mama Pads visit


Melissa said...

Thank you for all the info. I have been considering this for a while now.

Dorothy said...

I wish I would have known the color (white) shown on the website was NOT the color these actually came in... I would have ordered knickernappies stackable pads, instead of the ones I did buy... Oh well I'll get some when my oldest starts her period...

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