Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Do you have a keepsake diaper?

What makes a diaper special enough that you'd want to keep it?

I thought it would be interesting to know if anyone has a keepsake diaper, or two, or three...lol  It's an interesting concept considering the fact that if you used disposables there would obviously be no favorite diapers to keep or attachment to any in particular.

With cloth diapers there are favorites.  That diaper you stalked and drooled over and then finally purchased.  The diaper that's just so adorable on your little one that you can't bear for it to be used in a regular rotation because you don't want it to get stains or get worn out.  You reach for it on special occasions and for taking photos.  You use it to show off cloth diapering and advocate it with your babies eye-catchy, too cute to resist cloth diapered bum.

Maybe you even have an outfit to match or baby legwarmers that go with it?  Will you be keeping the accessories too?

The two diapers packed away in a closet somewhere, with all the baby clothes and other keepsakes, are my two JustDucky AIO's.  The had a cotton over pul outer, not the most functional combination, and a super fluffy, soft, plush interior.  I even had two shirts that went with them and matched perfectly.  They didn't get much wear other than for my fluffy photo shoots, they tended to leak easily, but their cuteness was more than I could resist and I just knew from the start that theses would be the two diapers that I would save for years to come.

Do you all have any keepsake diapers?  What makes them the ones that you will keep and cherish for years to come?  Is it their print?  Are they custom made?  Brand name?  Super expensive?  A gift?

And what are your plans for these keepsake diapers?  Will you display them in your child's room on a shelf or some sort of display case?  Will you just store them away to show to your children's children?

I'd love to read your comments on why you chose to keep the ones that you did and what makes those diapers more special than the rest?


Stacie Hogan said...

My baby isn't here yet and yes...lol. I bought a work-at-home-mom newborn diaper that made of an expensive Japanese elephant print fabric that I HAD TO HAVE. This is by far my favorite diaper and will go in the keepsake box.

MommieV said...

A preemie sized, periwinkle blue, WAHM-made (Nana's Bottoms) AIO. I was on bedrest in the hospital and found out I would have to deliver early. I had the nesting thing going on, and was confined to bed, so I just ordered a bunch of diapers online! This was intended to be her "going home" diaper. It matched the "going home" outfit that was WAY too big.

I have it stored with other diapers at our house. I will probably put it in her memory box with lots of other keepsakes from the hospital. It's hysterical to look at it now, it fit her great when she was 5 pounds and now it looks impossibly tiny.

Angela V said...

I started cloth diapering with a starter kit of prefolds and covers from Bummis. I ended up selling all of the covers, but 1. I'm saving the frog cover as a keepsake of my plunge into cloth diapering! :)

Heather - CDO said...

Both of my kids have keepsake diapers. My daughter's is a Knickernappies Custom Fit that was embroidered with penguins (she LOVED penguins when she was about 2 years old). My son's is an XS Snap-EZ that is so tiny. I can't believe it ever fit him, and yet it did. At some point, he will fit into a Knickernappies Custom Fit that I had embroidered with a Chinese character for Love. That will be in his keepsake box as well.

FaVe Mom said...

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