Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Are breastfeeding moms more likely to forget their diaper bags?

I thought this would be a funny topic to discuss.  If you breastfeed your child are you more likely to leave the house and forget to bring your diaper bag along with you?  I know this was definitely the case with me!

I can't say whether is was because I was a new mom, because I managed to do it plenty of times with my sons who were not my first born, but with my daughter I feel like it had everything to do with the fact that I breastfed.

Breastfeeding worked out for me in so many convenient ways.  At night I could nurse my child in bed without having to wake up and prepare a bottle, I had no nipples or bottles to sterilize, no last minute runs to the store because I was out of formula, and throughout the day...I could even nurse at the keyboard! (oops did I admit that out loud?)

These are all pretty silly reasons to breastfeed and not at all any of the reasons why I chose to, but they were all reasons that made me enjoy it even more.  It suited my laid back personality and parenting style very well, maybe too well.

With my daughter, my first born, my days of forgetting my diaper bag started at our six week OB check up.  I drove myself, with her in her new carseat, to the doctor and was waiting in the waiting room.  I don't know about you all but here they like to make you wait at least 30-40 minutes before they take you back to a room where they then proceed to make you wait another 15-20 minutes...

I waited the normal amount of time and was taken back.  My daughter began to rustle and needed to nurse.  This was my first time nursing in public and the nurse told me I could breastfeed in the office.  I settled into a chair and reached to take the baby from her carrier, I then realized that she had a blowout.  Poop all over her onesie, up her back, out the sides...and then I realized I had no diaper bag!

I wanted to cry, but she was crying and wanted to eat, so I wrapped the one baby blanket around her and nursed her. I was too embarrassed to ask if they had diapers, and even if they did it wouldn't change the fact that she now had poop all over her clothes, her blanket and the carseat cover.

I felt terrible but I just couldn't ask for help.  I nursed her to the brim so she was fat and happy, sat through my appointment and rushed home as fast as I could swearing I'd never forget my diaper bag again.

Even that traumatic experience was not enough to teach me a lesson.  I am a chronic diaper bag forgetter...My husband can't stand it and as a result it seems that I need clean diapers and clothing the most when I am out with him and the kids.

Something in me never clicked, I just never got the routine down and should I ever have another baby I am sure that I'd be going down that path again.

What are my one or two pieces of valuable advice if this happens to you all the time or if you're worried it might?
  • No matter how inconvenient, bulky, ugly, etc.  Stop using a purse and use the diaper bag as your purse.  This means you'll have to take it with you wherever you go because it will have your keys, wallet, phone, glasses, etc. in it as well as diapers and accessories.
  • Pack a separate, back-up, bag for the car.  Keep a couple of your least favorite diapers and a change or two of clothes that you won't miss and stash the spare bag in your trunk for emergencies.  That way if you ever forget your diaper bag and are in a pinch you'll have the spare bag you can run to!
So what are your thoughts?  Do you forget your bag?  Do you think it happens more or less if you breastfeed or am I just a slacker?



juliet46151 said...

I have bn in your shoes! i was at walmart and had a blow out. i had to buy a diaper in the bathrom and wrap my daughter in a blanket, i now keep diapers, wipes and a change of clothes in the car just incase of an emergency.

Upstatemamma said...

You know that's really funny because with my second child I forgot the diaper bag constantly. With my first I never did - but he was formula fed. And then with my third I never did either - she was fed breastmilk but in a bottle. I'll bet it is because of breastfeeding. I guess that means when baby gets here in June I will be forgetting the diaper bag again. :)

Sarah R said...

The diaper bag was something I used in the beginning with my first child, but I then got smart with my second. I have a hobo-style bag with a zipper, which is my purse, and I throw in a cloth diaper or two if we are going someplace. I keep my nursing cover in there all the time. It works great and is cuter than a diaper bag. :)

Heather said...

Yep. I did a lot. I live 30 minutes from the hospital where I delivared and they called to say they needed to redo his newborn screening tests. Of course he soaked through his diaper (no poop like you though) and his clothes and carseat were all wet. I felt like a bad mom. Since then I've forgotten it many times. Sometimes I leave it kind of on purpose thinking I know his bowel schedule and then he surprises me. All I pack are two diapers wipes and a wet bag (I forget clothes a lot too) and I just can't remember to grab it sometimes

Mommy_Duck said...

I'm a breastfeeding mommy of an 11 month old. I've always kept backup diaper and wipes in the car and have had to use it a couple times (not because I forgot my diaper bag, which is also my purse) but because I forgot to stock said bag with enough diapers. I also have a backup outfit in the car but seems whenever I need it, it's a size too small. Hehe guess I'm not good at backup plans. Luckily I'm not one to forget my diaper bag...I think because it is also my purse.

Jill said...

I leave an old grobaby cover and some disposable inserts I got as a freebie. I tuck one into my truck glovebox and one behind the seat (in the pocket) of the car. We are never in serious trouble if we have an extra diaper on hand. However, I don't generally forget my diaper bag, or I didn't, my girl is in undies now, and I put an extra pair and babylegs or pants into a small wetbag and tuck it in my purse.

Heather - CDO said...

I've never forgotten my diaper bag, but I've forgotten to restock it. Get to the store, need to do a change, and all I have is dirty diapers and no clean wipes. Oops. Now that my husband works from home, too, he has his own diaper bag. It lives in the car, fully stocked, in case of emergencies. And if he's out alone with the kids, then he doesn't have to remember to take his bag since it's already in the car.

One more piece of advice...for the clothes you keep in the bag, make sure they're big enough. I now pack a size ahead of what he's wearing currently. I once had to change his clothes and all I had was a newborn onesie...for my 4 month old chunker! I got him into it but it didn't look very comfortable.

Secret Mommy said...

I think it's a combo of breastfeeding and cloth diapering for me, because with my 2nd (and when my 2nd was born my 1st was still bf'ing AND in diapers) I just didn't even USE a diaper bag! I just had a small fabric messenger-style bag that had my wallet, keys and cell phone and I'd throw a few cloth wipes and 2 one-size cloth dipes in it. With my 1st he wore disposable dipes as a newbie and we had so many blow-outs and leaks we always had to carry a few extra changes of clothes, plus he was formula supplemented so we needed bottles, and I was shy about nursing so I carried a cover, etc., etc., etc. Love the freedom of no diaper bag, just a mediumm-sized purse!!! :)

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