Friday, December 31, 2010

Your Guide to Cloth Diapering at Daycare!

Guest post by Dawn Papple of Everything Birth

Tell me if this has happened to you. You go into a really nice daycare. You meet the caregivers. You finally feel comfortable trusting your new baby with this center. Then you ask them if they allow cloth diapers.

They say no.

You get bummed, but it was as you presumed it would be, and so you accept their decision.
Here’s what you have to understand. To most people, cloth diapers are still the old pre-fold diapers with rubber pants and pins and wet-pails.

If you want to use cloth diapers all the time, here’s the effective strategy my clients used to get them to allow cloth in their facility.
  1. Have your diaper bag prepared like a well oiled machine, ready to rival the convenience of any disposable diaper change.
  2. Choose an easy to use diapering system.
  3. Pre-stuff your diapers pockets before you leave your house so that the diaper doesn’t seem overwhelming.
  4. Introduce the topic with these words: “Oh, and let me show you the diapers we use because his skin is very sensitive.” presenting it as more of a necessity than an alternative choice.
  5. Show them the pre-stuffed diaper, and demonstrate very briefly that the closure works the same on cloth as it does on disposables.
  6. Show them the diaper on your child pointing out there is no diaper cover nor diaper pins.
  7. Show them your wipes. Have them pre-bagged and moistened with a mixture of water and wipe solution to mimic disposable diaper wipes.
  8. Bring an example of a wet bag and explain that they are simply to use that in lieu of the garbage pail.
  9. Explain that they are not to empty the poop from the diaper, but rather they should just fold it as they would a disposable and place in the wet bag.

This method has been highly successful with my clients in the past. I’d love to hear your experiences with this method after you try it. I bet you will also be very successful.

Article by Dawn Papple, freelance blogger for Everything Birth 

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Megan said...

If I worked with infants (instead of potty training toddlers who wear underwear) I would love to have a parent bring in a set-up like this so I could participate in their child's cloth diapering. In fact, I would probably adapt this list and make it my own facility requirements for cloth diapered children, included in the enrollment information right from the get-go. Good job on pinpointing the details that need to be managed and making it all nice and simple - for the parents and the caregivers.

lilbabyvenus said...

I'm going to try this with grandma and grandpa! We don't deal with daycare right now, but my parents refuse to handle cloth diapers at their house. I think this might help ease them into it.

Anonymous said...

The daycare we chose for our girls agreed with no problems to use cloth diapers. I didn't even have to show it to them first. They really like them and think they are cute! I am pleased - it has been a good experience. I've just started using cloth wipes at home and am considering using at daycare too. The might even find it easier to just leave the wipe in the diaper.

Kylie said...

This is just what I did today when visiting the daycare my little guy is about to attend. I had prestuffed pockets in my diaper bag and when they asked if he had any allergies, I brought up his adverse reaction to disposables and that he needed to be in cloth. I showed her the diapers and she said "okay." I was so worried that it would be an issue - and so thrilled that it wasn't!

Anonymous said...

When my daughter started at daycare, they already had a LO who uses them so it was a very easy transition! We really lucked up in that they will dump the poo too since there is a bathroom in her "classroom".

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