Friday, December 10, 2010

Today's Featured Retailer of the Week is, Everything Birth!

Have you heard of Everything Birth?  They're a fabulous cloth diaper and natural parenting retailer!  Read all about them below and find out what they're all about!

Tell us a  little about yourself and your family, if you have little ones in cloth, your location, etc.-
Crystal is the owner of Everything Birth. She has three children who are the driving force behind her choice to be a work at home mom. She is happily married to a very supportive husband. All three children were born at home with the support of family, friends, and some amazing midwives.

How'd you get started cloth diapering and what made you decide to open your own business?
In 2000, Crystal's second child was born with a rare liver disease called biliary atresia. By the time she was 15 months old, she needed a liver transplant to survive. Crystal was tested and able to donate half of her liver to her child. Crystal learned through this experience that medicine has a significant place in our lives, but it became even more important to her than ever before to promote choices in care. Throughout the many hospitalizations of her daughter, she became an advocate for parents of sick children, an advocate for sick children, and an even stronger advocate for the rights of laboring women. Seeing the world of medicine from both ends has given Crystal a unique view that many don’t get to have. In 2001, in an effort to still be involved in the birth world, Crystal started a small resource center that would be named Everything Birth. She held birth classes, hosted workshops, and gathered as much info about natural pregnancy, birth, and parenting as she could! She promptly purchased her first GentleBirth Pool to rent locally and started carrying a variety of natural parenting products. For Crystal, cloth diapering is part of a much larger picture that starts with midwifery.
What do you like best about being in the cloth diaper industry?
It is a wonderful thing to know that you are helping parents make vastly impacting choices for the betterment of mankind. One day, in the not-so-far-off future, people will not use disposable diapers any longer. One day, the infants we are diapering right now, will understand the negative health impact and the gravity of the ecological destruction that disposable diapers have caused. These infants, long since grown, will turn to their parents with a disappointed look in their eye and ask, "How COULD you?" Our clients, will be able to proudly look back at their grown children and answer, "I didn't."

What are your favorite Knickernappies products and why?
We love the brown One Size Knickernappies Pocket Diapers. Boys and girls look so warm in their brown KNs. It's an outdoor photo shoot in the woods just begging to be taken!
What's your one must-have cloth diapering accessory?
We have to have our wetbags. We really love our cloth diaper mini-sprayers, but we have to have our wetbags.

If you could give one bit of advice to a mom new to cloth diapering what would it be?

We know it's easy to dive right into the cloth diapering world and then realize that you're in over your head. Our advice is to take a moment to catch your breath and get really informed. Parents that are new to cloth diapering should learn about what laundering systems will truly suit their needs and desires before their diaper packages arrive. We recommend they talk with other parents about what genuinely works for them. That is why we created our community forum. We know that if you ease into the diapering world and have your system in place before the diapers arrive, the decision to cloth diaper will be one that strengthens your faith in yourself, your bond with your child, and your connection to greener living.

Exclusive Offer from Everything Birth:
Order 3 KN and get your choice of either a free Garden Dreams Personal Care sample, a Rockin' Green sample, or Fuzzi Bunz detergent sample pack.

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