Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sunning in the Rain Part 2: It works on baby food stains too!

Article originally published on the Cloth Diaper Outlet Blog, Written by CDO and Knickernappies owner Heather Hicks!

We've had such a great response to our "Sunning Diapers in the Rain" post that I decided to follow it up with sunning out baby food stains.

My husband, for reasons known only to him, refuses to use a bib when he feeds Colby.  This results in techni-color stains on clothes. I don't stress over the stains because I know I can take care of them easily...the same way I take care of diaper stains, with the sun!

Yikes!  Sweet potato remains after TWO washes and a long soak in OxyClean.
I laid this out on our patio, again in the rain, all day yesterday.  Stains are gone!
I love the power of the sun!  Even on days when it's not sunny, it still works!

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Anonymous said...

and THIS is also why you should still use sunscreen...even on cloudy days! [sorry, live in florida, gotta add that bit in there.]

but i love the sun for clothes! ;)

andiemarie923 said...

Do you know about sunning in the snow? We live in Minnesota, and I have a few stains on some of my diapers, but I have been afraid to put them out because I am unsure if the extreme cold may damage them or the PUL.

Cowie Baby said...

I have gone out to pull diapers off the line and they were frozen...but stains were ALL gone! It does not have to be warm for the sun to wipe out the stains.

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