Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Save 10% off your order at participating retailers by using your GCDH Discount Code!

The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt is in full swing.  It began November 1st and runs through November 30th.  Just for registering to hunt each participant is emailed a secret code which allows them an exclusive discount at GCDH Sponsors.  Click here to register.

Since we're sponsoring as a manufacturer and not as a retailer that means that our retailers are able to sponsor through us and honor the GCDH Discount Code!

The discount varies and is only valid at participating retailers so make sure you check with your favorite Knickernappies Retailer and ask what their discount is.  Generally it's good for 10% off!

Have you been hunting?
We hope you've been enjoying the hunt.  It's been really fun interacting with the hunters on the Diaper Decisions Hint Forum.  It's surprising that the hints that completely stump some mamas is the one that others have no problems with.  Don't forget that if you're having trouble with our clues or clues on other sponsor sites then all you have to do is visit the forums and ask for a hint, it's that simple.

If you haven't already registered then you should! It's not too late and there are still many prizes to be won.
Visit Diaper Decisions for more info.


Fluff Envy said...

Fluff Envy is honoring the 10% off code!!

Happy shopping!

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