Monday, October 4, 2010

Will your babes diaper be part of their Halloween costume?

We can all concur that one of the cool things about cloth diapers is that they're so cute you don't even have to make baby wear pants!  Often the diapers match the shirt and a pair of baby legwarmers and tada! instant outfit!

Where normally it's not exactly considered tasteful to bring your baby around in only their disposable, the same is not true for cloth.  Yet another reason that cloth rules!

Does the same go for seasonal outfits?  Will your babies cloth diaper be a part of their costume or will it be covered up?  Do you buy seasonal diapers or consider them to be a waste of money since they can only be shown off during a certain time of year?

If buying Halloween, Christmas or other holiday inspired diapers are not in your budget you can always just coordinate with plain colors.  Melon, orange, or black diapers work for Halloween while red and green of course work for Christmas and winter.

So what's the verdict?  Are seasonal print or embellished diapers a part of your holiday plans or will you stick to more versatile diapers?

Have any cute photos of your little ones in diapers that complement their Halloween costumes or other seasonal outfits?  Post your pics to our FaceBook Page Wall, we'd love to see them!


Jill said...

It depends on the ambient temp here in the evenings by then. It's cool now, but there's always Indian summer. We plan on using babylegs on arms AND legs, so it will be adding shorts or something if we think we need more 'coverage'. Hopefully it's fairly warm.

Krista said...

Definately not. Too cold here! :)

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