Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The thrill of the hunt...Are you ready? GCDH begins November 1, 2010

The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt is almost here!
We're super excited that the Knickernappies Blog is sponsoring the 11th Annual Great Cloth Diaper Hunt!  The GCDH is a 30 day is a fast and furious online scavenger.  I say 'fast and furious' but you really can hunt at your own pace.  However, WARNING, it is addictive and the more you find the more you'll increase your chances of winning and the more you'll want to keep on hunting.  You'll find yourself up late at night saying "just one more icon and then I'll go to bed..."

When? November 1-30, 2010.

What do you look for?  Sponsors have a special icon, not the one you see here but similar, they hide this icon somewhere on their website or blog and then leave you clues to find it.  Once you find the special icon you click it and it is recorded through the link that you found that icon.  The Diaper Hunt website tracks your progress and which ones you've found.

How do you register to participate in the hunt?  Visit DiaperDecisions and read their FAQ.  Here you will find all the info you need in order to participate in the hunt.  If you're ready to register click >HERE<

Remember, registering is the only way that your progress will count, so don't forget to register.  There are also Forums set up for the hunt.  In the forums you will find Hint Threads for each of the sponsors.  Here you will find either hints to assist you or you can request a hint.  There are also lots of other fun discounts, sales, giveaways, etc. during the month of the hunt so don't miss your chance!  Register today!


Little Miss Emmy Lou said...

I still haven't received some of my package from last year's hunt. (Not your fault, of course. Just sayin'.) I am very hesitant to participate again this year b/c of the fiasco that was last year.

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