Monday, September 27, 2010

Update on Colby, Knickernappies tiniest employee! Plus some fun behind the scenes interview questions.

Time for an update!  It's been nearly 4 months since Heather and Shannon, the owners of Knickernappies, welcomed their new little man Colby into the family.  Inquiring minds want to know...Does he wear Knickernappies?   How has his arrival changed the way Knickernappies runs?  Plus some other fun questions.  Read my interview with Heather below.

What's the little guy up to?  Colby is growing like crazy!  He's such a little butterball right now, all short and pudgy.  He's working on rolling over though he hasn't done it yet.  He's slept through the night once (hooray!) but otherwise he gets up once most nights.  He smiles and he giggles, especially when mommy makes funny noises at him.  We do naps and nursing on-demand, but he's starting to work into his own routine.  Most days, he's a pretty good napper, thank goodness!

His stats, 16 weeks old, 15lbs 8oz., currently wearing a size Medium diaper!
Since having a newborn/tiny babe in cloth, Do you find yourself reaching for one style of diaper over another? Pocket diapers are what we use the most of, but surprisingly I found myself loving All-in-one diapers.  Even more surprising is that my husband really likes fitteds & covers.  Out of the 30 or so diapers we have right now, about 20 are pockets.  Five are AIO and five are fitteds.  And I use the AIOs first!

Do you prefer sized, One-sized, Prefolds? We really prefer the sized diapers.  They give such a good fit with no fuss.  We do have a lot of OneSize diapers, both Knickernappies and a variety of other brands.  But the sized diapers are definitely our favorites.

Encountered any difficulties with regards to cloth diapering so far?
  Not really.  We've had our share of leaks from a variety of brands (we've been sampling over 45 brands/types of diapers), but now that he's a little older, we're narrowing our stash down to the ones we like the best.  Thank goodness Knickernappies is still one of our favorites!  I try to be really unbiased when choosing our son's diapers, but our Knickernappies have been leak-free most of the time.  We did learn to twist the flaps upward so that pee doesn't get onto them, but otherwise we're very happy with our Knickernappies diapers in both the One Size and the 2G sized.

What's your favorite detergent and why?  We use Country Save.  It rinses clean and works well for our water type.  We used Country Save when our daughter was in diapers, too.  If not Country Save, then we use Tide.

What's your washing routine like?  Do you use a wet pail, dry pail, doorknob pail?  We use the dry pail method and wash every other day or sometimes every third day.  I run a cold water rinse first, then a hot water wash.  I use a full scoop of Country Save in my top-loading machine.  My machine can automatically run a second rinse after the wash cycle and I usually do that.

Must have cloth diapering accessory?
  Wet bags!!  I have two for my diaper bag, plus assorted others that we use for different things at different times.  I never get rid of wet bags because they're so handy for so many things.  Swim suits, potty training accidents, sandy shoes from the park, you name it.  When my daughter has a cold, she prefers a cold wet cloth wipe, so then I give her a small wet bag to carry her wipes around.

Being in the midst of cloth diapering, what would be one of your best pieces of advice for a new mom or expecting mom, who plans on cloth diapering?  Give it time and make it easy on yourself.  That's two pieces of advice, but they're both so true!  If a diaper leaks, don't panic, just give it another try.  That first couple of weeks when you're first using cloth can be challenging, especially if you're switching from disposable the way we did when our daughter was a baby.  There's a learning curve to everything, including diapers.  After that first couple of weeks, everything seems to click into place.  And make it easy on yourself...don't over-complicate the wash routine or build your stash from 40 different brands.  Choose a few diapers that you really love and build your stash around them.  If they all take all the same size inserts, all the better!

Has adding another baby to the family changed the way you run your businesses?  Oh gosh, yes.  Re-prioritizing happened pretty fast.  It's very hard to talk on the phone and hold a squalling infant at the same time.  I can work at my desk and nurse him simultaneously, but that's about it.  Otherwise, I have to stop what I'm doing and tend to him.  And we do delegate more jobs out.  I have an assistant that comes every Tuesday to help out and Grandma takes our 5 year old one day a week (and sometimes two!).  Our 5 year old is also in school 4 days a week which is helping a lot right now.  We also are starting to work earlier in the mornings.  My husband, who packs all of our orders and manages the warehouse, starts to work before 7 am some days just so we don't get behind on things.  And usually, we don't wrap up our work day until around 6 pm.

Thanks for reading our little behind the scenes update on the family behind Knickernappies and thank you all of course for supporting a family-run business like Knickernappies!  We appreciate your support!


Anonymous said...

I have heard of people using Tide, but some reviews say it's bad for your diapers. What problems, if any, have you had using Tide? Which Tide did you use? How long did you use it for on your diapers? I use Country Save now but it seems to take two or three washes to get my diapers clean and stinky-free. I'd like to find a detergent that I don't have to order. Any thoughts?

Knickernappies - Heather said...

Tide is kind of the "dirty little secret" of the diaper industry. It has brighteners and enzymes, but it works really well so it's quietly recommended by many manufacturers and retailers. And ironically, we just ran out of Country Save and I bought some Tide this morning just for diapers. We'll see if I still like it as much!

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