Saturday, September 25, 2010

Today's Featured Fluff Addict is...Jessi of Welcome to the Zoo!

 Let's get to know Jessi, this week's Featured Fluff Addict!

Tell us a little about yourself, where you are located, how many kids you have,little ones in cloth, etc.-My name is Jessi. I blog about our life and family at Welcome to the Zoo. I'm a 24 year old SAHM to four kids age 4 and under. We have our two children who are 4 and almost 3 years old and we have legal custody of our nieces who are 2 years old and 9 months old. I live near Cincinnati, Ohio. Our house is filled with kids, animals, and love! 

What made you decide to give cloth diapers a try? I'm not going to lie, the first thought was saving money! Then I thought about all the diapers filling up our landfills and decided to dive right in.

What were your friends and family's reaction when seeing the "new" cloth diapers and have they been supportive or skeptical of your choice to use cloth diapers? When I first started to use cloth, I knew of one other person who used cloth. Needless to say, my family and friends thought I was absolutely crazy for switching to cloth. Some still do, but I've managed to switch quite a few people over to the "fluff is love" side since!

What was your very first cloth diaper? *Hangs head in shame* Rubber covers and the not so great prefolds that you buy in the store. It worked for a while but those rubber pants were just horrible. Finally, we broke down and got the money together enough to buy Bum Genius 3.0 and they were and still are one of our favorite diapers! Sadly, my children both potty trained within a few months of getting our Bum Genius so I had to pack them away until this past February when we got custody of our nieces. We had some diapers donated to us from a wonderful woman, Amanda, and using those, combined with my Bum Genius, my nieces have been in cloth full time since around March! My 2 year old niece potty trained a couple months ago so now I just have 1 in diapers and it's a little sad. You know I'm an addict when I'm sad about that!

What type of diapers does your stash primarily consist of; pockets, aio, onesize, prefolds, flats, hybrids, etc.?
I have a little of everything, but mainly pocket diapers. I love my pockets! AIO come in a close second.

What is your favorite Knickernappies product or which Knickernappies product are you dying to try and why? I would love to try the SuperDo for overnight because my 9 month old niece is a very heavy wetter!

Do you have a favorite place to hang out and talk or learn about cloth ; a blog, message board, Facebook page, etc.? I use my blog, Welcome to the Zoo, and Facebook to get the word out about cloth. And it works!

What cloth diapering item, besides diapers, do you consider to be a must-have accessory? I would have to say my Clean B detergent. It smells yummy and it keeps my diapers fresh and leak free!

If you could share just one tip with someone who is just starting out with cloth or considering using cloth, what would be your best piece of advice to them? Try a few different diapers out  before you decide to go with a certain brand or type. There are so many options out there and you can find something that works perfectly for your family!

A BIG Thank You to Jessi for sharing with us and contributing.  Please stop by her Blog, Welcome to the Zoo, and tell her Knickernappies sent you!

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