Monday, September 13, 2010

Check out Knickernappies LoopyDo & SuperDo RAVE Reviews on Diaperpin!

Do you read customer reviews and feedback before investing in a new product?  Well you should!  Diaperpin is an excellent resource where you can find honest, legitimate reviews of all your favorite products as well as products you have yet to try.  From baby carriers to training pants, they've got it all.

Visit Diaperpin and click on the link that says "Product Reviews."  There you will find a list of some of the most recent and most reviews items/products.  You can also browse by category which you will find on the left column, or you can "search" for a product or category by typing in a keyword or search term.

Type in LoopyDo and you'll find our RAVE reviews!  To read them click HERE.
Our LoopyDo's are super trim yet very absorbent and in most cases eliminate the need for having to use 2 or 3 micro inserts.  When you figure that into the equation, LoopyDo's save you money and they work best!

Interested in the SuperDo, LoopyDo's big brother?  There are also many helpful and informative reviews of the SuperDo!  Click HERE to read them and find out why many moms claim that the SuperDo is the ONLY thing that works for their overnight diapering solution.  The SuperDo is currently rated #1 on Diaperpin and if you haven't got a chance to try one you should definitely put it on the top of your list!

Have you got a chance to try the SuperDo & LoopyDo?  Well submit your reviews and add them to the Diaperpin Product Reviews Directory!  Don't forget to give credit to the retailer where you purchased the product. 

To leave a product review simply find the product on Diaperpin, scroll to the bottom of the reviews of that product and click on the link you'll see that says POST YOUR REVIEW.

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