Monday, August 2, 2010

Today's Featured Fluff Addict is...Kris Marie!

 Tell us a little about yourself, where you are located, how many kids you have,little ones in cloth, etc.-  I'm a SAHM in San Antonio, TX. I have two little ones. My oldest just potty trained so no more diapers for her. The baby is still in diapers though so I'm still getting my CD fix!

What made you decide to give cloth diapers a try?  I wish I could say my hubby... he tried. He really did. He was CD'd as a baby and wanted to do the same for our daughter. I refused though. When she was about 5 months old I realized that they were not what I expected and that they couldn't be any worse than cleaning the exact same thing out of her clothes. Plus I found a cost calculator that showed me I was wrong in thinking we wouldn't save any money.

What were your friends and family's reaction when seeing the "new" cloth diapers and have they been supportive or skeptical of your choice to use cloth diapers?  Hubby loves them. Some of our cousins and friends were excited about them, a couple are planning to use them themselves :-)  A couple family members have been giving us grief about them though.

What was your very first cloth diaper?  LOL Gerber prefolds and vinyl pants!

What type of diapers does your stash primarily consist of; pockets, aio, onesize, prefolds, flats, hybrids, etc?  Mostly prefolds and covers. We do have a good amount of pockets as well though.

What is your favorite Knickernappies product or which Knickernappies product are you dying to try and why?  We only have a large pocket diaper... I really want to try the Knickernappies Onesize though!

Do you have a favorite place to hang out and talk or learn about cloth ; a blog, message board, facebook page, etc? Cafemom and my blog Mama Kalila!

What cloth diapering item, besides diapers, do you consider to be a must-have accessory?  Wetbag!

If you could share just one tip with someone who is just starting out with cloth or considering using cloth, what would be your best piece of advice to them?  Don't get discouraged by what some people might say... Cloth Diapers are very easy to use, not any more work in my opinion/experience.

Bio:  Kris Marie, a.k.a. Mama Kalila - The Not Quite Hippy...Hippy Mom is a SAHM to two children and she loves to write.  Head over to her Blog and check her out!

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