Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thinking of traveling with cloth? Read these great tips.

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There's still a little bit of summer left, and if you're considering traveling with your cloth diapers, I have a few tips for you.  I flew from Virginia to Washington state for a two week vacation with my husband, baby, and stash of cloth diapers to visit family and friends. (Disclaimer: at the time my baby was not on solid foods, this simplified the whole trip, tune in next summer for diapering a toddler on vacation!).  Here are a few of my lessons learned:
  • Bring as many diapers as will fit in your suitcase.  I thought fifteen would be a good number, but wish I had brought more like twenty.  We took several day trips and it would have made it a little easier to plan diaper washing around when we were home instead of the other way around.
  • Pack as many diapers into your carry-on as possible.  We ended up missing a flight and staying overnight, and were glad we had more than the four diapers I had packed for the flight alone.
  • Diaper your baby in an overnight diaper while you're on the airplane, ever tried to change a baby in an airplane restroom?  Me either, I ended up having to do it on my lap!
  • When you're going to be in the car for a long time, especially in the heat, put cloth diaper safe cream on before you start the trip, not after your baby gets a heat rash.
  • Bring enough laundry soap for everyone to use yours while you use their machine, otherwise you risk additional build-up.
  • Bring whatever diapers are easiest for you, but also consider bringing diapers that are easy for grandparents/friends to change (such as pocket diapers or AIOs) , in the event someone else is going to change your baby.
  • Get a couple medium sized zipping wet bags, this way you can carry a couple dirty diapers in your diaper bag, but also leave some in the car/room if you return to it, you're not confined to a single location for dirty diapers while you're away.
Other than a few mishaps, our cloth diapering vacation was hassle free.   So, don't let your cloth diapers hold you back, or think you need to switch to disposables (I even brought a few with me, just in case, but never used them).  Happy traveling!

 Jennie is mommy to 6-month-old Silas. She's been cloth diapering since he was a month old, and loves it.  When Silas gives her a chance, she devotes her spare time to the Etsy shop she runs with her mom.  Feel free to stop by their blog, Clover & Violet :: Our Blissful Lives, for cloth diaper tips, sewing stories, tutorials, recipes, and more.


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