Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Retailer Appreciation Day; Leave your Feedback & Reviews!

Every day should be Retailer Appreciation Day but let's make today super special!  Let this post serve as a reminder to you all how important it is to leave your favorite retailers feedback and reviews.  Remember since most cloth diaper retailers are run by work-at-home-moms, chances are they get notified each time you leave them feedback and let me just tell you....They appreciate it!

Word of mouth is super important in the online retail business and small business owners count on you to spread the word if you liked their customer service, love the products you purchased and want to refer your friends and acquaintances.

Remember there's no act too small.  Everything counts, whether it be a mention on your FaceBook Page or Blog, a nice little tweet on Twitter or a Review on Diaperpin.  Keep in mind also, the importance of leaving a link whenever you can.  A link allows retailers to see that you care and that you've said something nice about them somewhere online.

Interested in leaving reviews?  Most retailers have an account with Diaperpin where you can leave them "official" feedback.  You can leave each store a review each time you shop with them or you can leave a review for each product you purchased.  For detailed instructions on how to leave Diaperpin Reviews click here and read our past blog post about how to leave reviews.

Many retailers also have a Tab on FaceBook titled "Reviews" where you can also leave them feedback.  Make sure you check each retailers Fan Page for more info.  If you don't see anywhere to leave feedback or reviews for a retailer then just ask, I am sure they'll direct you to where they'd like you to leave them comments.

So off you go!  Make someones day today by leaving them Feedback, Comments or Reviews!  I guarantee they'll appreciate it!


Jen said...

I gave Knickernappies some praise at Ecobuns!

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