Monday, August 16, 2010

Cloth Diapers in the news! Have you read 'The Cloth Evolution'?

I guess it's safe to say cloth diapering is making a comeback when mainstream news outlets begin featuring cloth in their publications.  Back in 2009 Elizabeth Diffen wrote a great article for Medill Reports, Chicago.  Her article titled The Cloth Evolution:  Today's cloth diapers aren't old-fashioned and they have perks all their own, is a great piece.

Elizabeth discusses how diapering has changed from the traditional cloth diapers our mothers and grandmothers used, to the invention of disposables in the 1950's, and now how cloth diapering is making a comeback thanks to some very innovative and stylish new designs.

She also points out how cloth diapering is not just for crunchy hippie moms these days, there's no specific demographic for it, and families are switching to cloth from disposables for a variety of reasons not just because of the desire to "go green."

This is really a great little article and I suggest you read it, bookmark it and add it to your list of cloth diapering resources just like we have.  It gets an A++ in our book!

Click here to read the article in it's entirety


Mommy Is Green said...

I totally agree that cloth diapers are making a comeback. I'm newer to cloth diapering but I think they are great!

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