Saturday, July 10, 2010

Will the oil spill cause more cloth diaper converts?

As the days continue to fly by and the oil continues to gush from the BP oil well, it seems that the decisions we need to make are becoming all too clear.  We're dependent on oil in so many ways we cannot even fathom.  Can we make a difference by making different choices?

Over the last ten years or so there's been a rise in the "green movement," a rise in the amount of interest in living more eco-friendly lifestyles, making greener choices and attempting to create less waste as we go through life.  Not everyone has jumped on board, many saw it as a trend and couldn't see the big picture, how the choices we make day to day can affect our children and our children's children for years to come.

Where do cloth diapers fit in?  To many cloth diapering may seem like just a small step towards going green, after all it does still require the use of additional energy and water.  Some claim that cloth diapers and disposables each cancel out the benefits and disadvantages of each other and that one is not a clear choice over the other.  But in reality, especially today's reality, using cloth diapers can make a huge difference.

According to a recent Huffington Post article, Eco Etiquette 
"Nearly 3.5 billion gallons of oil are used to produce the 18 billion throwaway diapers that Americans toss each year. To put that in perspective, that's more than the amount of crude we import annually from Kuwait."

What's even more shocking?  With these statistics disposable companies are stepping it up in order to try and keep families from considering cloth diapers.  Now they've come out with designer prints for babies to poop in.  The concept seems so absurd it's almost hard to imagine anyone buying them but they will I am sure.  They may as well just go over to the garbage can and throw their money in it because that's essentially what they'll be doing.

It is certainly depressing, the situation we've gotten ourselves into with this devastating oil spill, but we've made our bed and now we've got to lay in it.  There doesn't seem to be any end in site to this catastrophy and if you're anything like me then you feel absolutely helpless.

So what are your thoughts?  Do you think that this crisis will be a wake-up call to more families reminding them that there's no change too small, that even things like reusable baby diapers can make a great difference in the grand scheme of things?  Has your family considered making any additional lifestyle changes because of the oil spill?  We'd love for you to share your thoughts.

Julia Clark, DiaperDiscussions


Marina said...

I've switched to cloth and hybrid diapers precisely because of the oil spill. It's a little extra work with the laundry, but considering that I do laundry every third or 4th day anyway with a toddler and a 6 month old at home, it's not such a major inconvenience.

Marina said...

I've switched to cloth and hybrid diapers precisely because of the oil spill. The extra laundry is not such a big deal considering I have to wash clothes every third or fourth day anyway with a toddler and 6 month old at home.

Stephanie said...

I had pretty much decided to switch to cloth before the spill and had expressed my interest to my husband. But after the oil spill he is definitely a convert and we are trying to make more greener choices. Along with cloth diapering, we are doing a lot of other things like line drying our laundry, etc. It's actually exciting to know we're helping make a difference.

Julie said...

That is great! It is always interesting how one lifestyle change leads to another. We started cloth diapering, then it made no sense that we don't recycle so we started that. Now we recycle more than we throw away, way more. I also recently switched to the DivaCup and love it and we're always looking for other ways to keep making baby steps in the right direction. It feels good to know we're doing the right thing.

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