Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Having fun and penny pinching in your laundry room: Elysse recommends wool dryer balls!

Retailer Contributed Article by Kozzy Bottoms

My laundry room anxiety had me start looking for other ways to cheat the system and find ways to make laundry bearable.  It is amazing the things you find on the internet and how a couple new laundry items, including my super new washer and dryer! , have made me dash down to my laundry room.

I was never one to clean. I hated having to clean and it took my mom very creative ways to get me to clean.  I have learned to adapt them over the years to get myself to clean and organize. My favorite game my mother played with me was the witch tower.  She used to have me pretend that I was a princess locked away in a tower and I had to hurry up and race to clean up everything before the witch would come back and lock me away forever.  I’m telling you my room would be spotless when we played this game!  Now I don’t play this game anymore but I have adapted it to now, I race myself to get the laundry done.  I treat myself to something when laundry is done too. We as parents deserve treats too even if it’s just something as simple as watching something from our never ending dvr list.

We also added some new products to our laundry room that make me excited to do laundry and they save money too.  My favorite was our dryer balls and our new laundry soap. I am the worst when it comes to remembering to add dryer sheets to my laundry. I rush to get everything washed and forget but with our new wool dryer balls they make it so nice. I don’t have to worry about dryer sheets anymore, I can throw in the dryer balls and that’s it! They come in so many amazing scents that make me hungry when our laundry come out, our family favorite is called monkey fart, and the wools absorbs water and they fluff our clothes and they dry faster too. It’s great money saving tool and couple it with our new scented laundry soap and my laundry room has become my new haven.

Our new laundry soap is hand-made and doesn’t have all the harsh chemicals and we don’t feel grimy when wearing our clothes. The combination of scents and cleaning power makes our clothes come out bright and clean and the scent is so strong it makes my whole laundry room smell amazing. A great place for mommy to get away and I no longer dread the mountains of laundry.

So next time you see your laundry piling up and you dread heading to your laundry room then think of these great products that make it a little bit more bearable and keep a little bit more money in your pocket!

These items can be found at Kozzy Bottoms.

This article was written and contributed by Elysse Fleece, owner of Kozzy Bottoms. A extended nursing military mom to one busy toddler. 


BluScorpAmber said...

OMG they sound like a great help! Thanks for sharing =)

Sarah R said...

I haven't tried them yet but have heard so much about them.

My daughter's name is Elise too! :)

mama-emmz said...

I have to ask what a monkey fart smells like! Where do you find these balls & for how much?

slang76 said...

I just ordered two and am "patiently" waiting for them to come in so I can try them out! I know I will probably need more (and started with unscented so as to not scare away the hubby)

Torrey said...

We dont pay for electricity. But it seems like it would be NOISY, considering i do laundry at night, after bed time.

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