Monday, July 5, 2010

How do you know if you need new inserts?

Recently I was speaking to a cloth diapering mama who was stressed because ALL her pocket diapers were leaking, regardless of the brand. Some of the diapers were new, some were old.  She just couldn't figure out why this was happening. She'd tried stripping them, washing, switching detergents, etc. and still couldn't figure out the root of the problem.

After hearing everything she had tried I felt there was only one question left to ask.
What type of inserts are you using and how old are they?

Turns out she's using micro inserts that were previously used when she bought them online. It's my belief that is where her problem lies. Microfiber wears down over time and becomes less and less absorbent. I am sure that you all have inserts, some are older than others, and you can tell the difference. The newer microfiber inserts are fluffy and soft while the older ones seem thin and almost as if the fluffy terry part has worn off, in most cases it has.

While saving money by buying gently used diapers is a great idea, buying used micro inserts does not always work.

Microfiber inserts are actually made of micro-terry. If you're inserts no longer look thick and fluffy then chances are they need to be replaced. It's not a bad idea to try and test their absorbency. Try soaking up some liquid with them and see how much they really can still hold.

Even if you have a great stash of diapers to last you through potty training and you plan on saving them for use on future children I feel it is safe to say you're going to need to keep adding new inserts and take the older ones out of rotation.

So if you've been feeling bad about cloth diapering because of leaky diapers then give yourself a boost! Try purchasing a new stash of inserts and see if this doesn't cure your cloth diaper blues!

Knickernappies Retailers carry a wide variety of inserts that can be purchased individually or in bulk. If you really want to treat yourself, we recommend the LooyDo and SuperDo!


Kaitlin Rose said...

Thank you so much for this suggestion! I have tried several things but NOT buying new inserts! I really like my Knicker Nappies, but they're leaky. Will try buying some new inserts!

Lauren said...

This is great information. Thank you! I know some of my GU diapers are showing wear but I never thought about the inserts. I'm going to check my stash today.

Kansas Mom said...

Makes you think that pocket diapers might be a better purchase than all-in-ones if you're planning on using them for more than one baby in a way I hadn't considered before.

Do you know, does hemp or bamboo suffer the same kind of loss over time?

Mamahen said...

I wonder how frequent stripping effects inserts. I have a couple older (6 months ish) super-dos that are much less fluffy than my newer ones. I haven't noticed any leak issues though- thanks to this post maybe I'll pay closer attention to that!

Knickernappies - Heather said...

As far as I've been able to tell, hemp and bamboo do not lose absorbancy the way microfiber can. It's in the way microfiber is made...the individual "hairs" need to be really fluffy, and over time they get stuck together. Doesn't always happen, but something to consider if they don't seem as absorbant as they used to!

Aimee said...

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Aimee said...

thanks for this post I did not know that inserts could be less absorbent over time! i think before trying stripping and all the other things next time i just may have to see how much water they can hold!

Ramona said...

thanks for the advice - i have 4 year old pocket diapers (fuzzibunz) and my husband wants to throw them out because of leaks. i will definitely try new inserts first!!

Mama Stacy said...

I love pocket diapers, but I do NOT love microfiber. I don't have to strip my bamboo inserts, and they last a lot longer than MF. Also, they're thinner and absorb more. I highly recommend shelling out extra money to get bamboo inserts- they're my favorite. :)

mama-emmz said...

Thanks for the info! I am trying to learn as much as possible while I wait for my trial package to arrive!

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