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Cloth Diaper Virgins! Answers to all your frequently asked questions.

Retailer Contributed Article by Kozzy Bottoms

How many times I have come across the people that as soon as I mention I cloth diaper they give me a fake smile and then change the conversation. What is it about cloth diapers that intimidate and scare everyone away? It is the washing? Is it the rows of snaps and Velcro? The feeling that you need a degree just to understand the language used in cloth diapering? Or is it the dreaded poop issues that scare people away from cloth diapers?

      I can tell you that just from our short experience with selling cloth diapers people are amazed to see how far they have come and how much diapers have evolved. I call these people the Cloth Diaper Virgins.  C.D.V. are people who wanted to cloth diaper but something kept them from trying it. It could be something so simple but once they get a diaper in their hands and get to actually use it they fall in love. I was a C.D.V. and now I am a die-hard cloth diapering momma. The day we had to pack up our diapers was a sad day for me. 

      I have watched my husband, the most stubborn of all men, convert from a C.D.V. to a cloth diapering dad. He even loves to take the rein and tell people at shows and explain the diapers. Sometimes it helps to know that even dads are ok with the diapers and how easy you fall into a routine with them and how easy it becomes.

      We have found that there are four main parts that bother C.D.V. which scare them off from cloth diapering. We are going to acknowledge this and help other C.D.V. and bring them to the cloth diapering world. It really becomes much easier to understand love for cloth when we cover the points:
    • The poop?- We have found so many people are scared of cloth diapers because they are intimidated by the poop. It was a huge thing for us to surpass when we started cloth diapers but then we noticed something that made a light bulb go off for us.  Everyone thinks you have a diaper pail full of poopy diapers and its going to stink and be so messy. Wrong. Amazingly there is even less poopy mess when you use cloth versus disposable diapers. When you toss a disposable diaper in your trash can or diaper pail you toss the whole mess.  They get so stinky and when you child gets into solid food you may as well get a personal gas mask for diaper changes because that’s when you learn about real stink!!  When you use cloth diapers you flush the poop away, a simple shake into the potty and all that remains is the smear, unless it was a messy diaper, and you toss the diaper in your pail to wash.  So when you look at the comparison you have a pail full of poopy stinky diapers when using disposables or you have a pail of smeared diapers when you use cloth.  Truth is cloth is less stink.
    • Washing- I can’t tell you how many dads we have come across that flat out say no to cloth because they don’t want the poop in the washer. My husband swore up and down that his clothes would smell like poop. We found out it was actually the laundry soap that was the problem not the diapers thank goodness. As we discussed above there is not much poop going into your washer after you flush everything away and you wash what is left away. I threw in a couple drops of tea tree oil in our wash and the smell was great and we designated a day to washing the diapers. That way when I was done washing I would run a rinse cycle with bleach so there would be no poop issues in the wash for the rest of our clothes.  Washing really is not much more difficult then when you do your daily wash: you rinse, you wash and then you dry. For those who have never dealt with washing cloth diapers I think that the washing is the most intimidating part but once you learn how easy it and it becomes second nature they are much less scary to C.D.V.
    • Language- Sometimes I feel like I need a degree in order to understand the language involved with cloth diapers. Aio, Flat Fold, Pre fold, AIO2.  Can you blame them! For those who don’t have someone to break it down for them and explain what is what it can be very intimidating a scary because they are not sure what to buy or order.  By putting a quick description with the diaper and explaining what the cloth nickname for it is helps the C.D.V. feel as though they are part of the cloth diapering world.
    • Price-  So many people pass on cloth diapers because they just don’t think they can afford it but the truth is you save money when you cloth diaper. It’s not something you see right away but over the period that you diaper you save almost have the amount of money you would use on disposable cloth diapers. We figured it out that you spend around $412 dollars for one child per year! Now say you spend $300 on cloth diapers you have already saved money and that’s just in the first year alone! You don’t have to buy brand new cloth diapers, you can also buy used cloth diapers which save you money and you can use cloth diapers for multiple kids so you save even more money in the long run. The great thing is cloth diapers hold their resell value so you can resell them and still make a percentage of your money back. You can’t do that with disposable diapers, you use it once and then your done.
    So Cloth Diaper Virgins come out of hiding and see that cloth diapers are really not that scary. They are just as easy as disposable diapers and better in the long run. Come on out and be converted over to the cloth diapering side! 
    Elysse is a work-at-home military wife to her active little toddler who recently became potty trained.  But that doesn't stop her from converting all the Cloth Diaper Virgins she can find and convincing them to give cloth a try You can visit Kozzy Bottoms at their website where you can find Knickernappies and other products that you need and want for your little one.


Maria said...

Great post, all very true!!

mama-emmz said...

I didn't do cloth to start because I was afraid of traveling with cloth diapers. I also didn't know anything about where to buy them or how easy they can be. Then when I suggested that I may switch, I got negative feedback from some "friends" and MIL on the idea because of the poop issues. Well, my DD is BF and their's were not, which makes a difference. Now, I am only a few days in to the cloth and I think it is great. I'm still getting a hang on the fit and am not excelling at the pre-folds. But, it is not as intimidating as I had previously thought.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post :) I am a CDV but I am ready for CDing! I just have to wait for my babies to get here first. Though I have to say, when I did the calculations, I figured out I would be saving $1800 a year using CDs instead of disposables (for two babies, so $900 for one)!! That's not including cloth wipes! I didn't add in the cost of extra detergent since that is a little hard to calculate how much you will use, but it is pretty minimal anyway - def less than $1.00/week for me. Anyway, I am looking forward to it and hope I love it and can convert or convince others who are interested but afraid (just as someone did for me!).

Kozzy Bottoms said...

Thanks ladies and I hope that this helps someone out there feel a little less intimidated with cloth diapers and consider switching over and joining the cloth diaper community!

JustCorey said...

wait... mama-emmz said she was afraid to travel with CDs.... how do you travel while CDing?

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