Friday, June 4, 2010

Our Featured Retailer of the Week is....Moms and Bums of Ontario, Canada!

Today's Featured Knickernappies Retailer is Tanya, owner of Moms and Bums! Want to get to know Tanya and how Moms and Bums was born? Check out her interview below and get to know her a little better!

Tell us a little about your family, where you're located, if you have little ones in cloth, etc.-Moms and Bums is a parent owned and operated company located in Brampton, Ontario, Canada (just a few short minutes west of The Greater Toronto Area). We have 3 children- Kiera is 5, Aubrey is 2 and Gabriel is 2 months. As the parents of 3 we have a passion for cloth diapers and natural parenting products and want to help others with babies find products and information which will not only help them bond with their children, but also help save our earth.

How did you get started cloth diapering and what made you decide to open your own business? When I was pregnant with Aubrey I started researching cloth diapers. I knew we were heading for a long stretch of me being off work again and wanted to do anything I could to stretch our dollars and be able to take a full year off. I had no idea the impact disposable diapers had on our earth or how easy cloth diapering would be.

The hardest part of cloth diapering seemed to be finding them at a reasonable cost once you added shipping fees- I had 2 choices for cloth diaper stores- one in Ottawa (about 6 hours away by car) and 1 in BC (about a 4-5 hour plane trip). I did order a few samples from BC and started to research what needed to be done to get these diapers closer for those in my community. Moms and Bums was born! Our second website Natural Parenting Shop followed about 6 months later as we found more and more great natural products we wanted our community to be able to find too!

What do you like best about being involved in the cloth diaper industry?
Being able to help others find the products they need to cloth diaper their babies, and helping educate locals about cloth diapers.
What are your favorite Knickernappies products and why? Aubrey and Gabriel love their KND smalls and OS Diapers with Loopy-Do inserts. The KND smalls were the only diaper that didn’t leak for Aubrey in the newborn days and fit her from 5lbs 7 oz until she hit roughly 15lbs. It was difficult to find diapers for her with chubby legs and a tiny tummy. They were also the only ones we didn’t resell from her stash and have been using them on Gabriel since he came home from the hospital at 5lbs 3ozI also love the Stackable Mama Pads! You won't find more absorbent, softer mama fluff anywhere!

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