Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Are accessories a necessity? One cloth diapering mama thinks so.

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When you venture down the baby isle at any store, you will probably notice there is a bit more to diapering a baby than just the diapers. Cloth diapering can be the same way, in addition to the stash of diapers, you may need a few other products to complete your diapering system. Here are a few things I cannot {or will not} diaper without and why I've found them to be so useful:
  • Cloth Wipes: Diapers and wipes go hand in hand, so why bother with disposable wipes when you can use cloth? You can even make your own to really save, and not much sewing expertise is required.

  • Wipe Solution: While you can wet the wipes with warm water, I prefer to use a spritzer bottle of wipe solution. I spray it directly on baby's bum, then wipe clean, repeating if necessary. My personal favorite are the Baby Bum Drops, not only do they work great, but they're economical. And, since they're gels, the are easy to store until you need to make more.

  • Cloth Diaper Safe Cream: If many cloth diapered babies don't get diaper rash, why have diaper cream? Well, what if your baby does get a rash? I didn't initially buy cloth safe cream, and then my little guy got a diaper rash and it created a bunch of problems while I waited for the cloth safe cream to arrive, since there isn't a brand readily available at the store, and I don't have a cloth diaper shop near where I live.

  • Flushable Liners: While these are often referenced as useful for traveling and flushing older baby poo, I have found they are also useful for younger babies. I was beginning to think I was foolish for purchasing a roll of these so soon, until my little one scratched himself in the diaper area and need bacitracin to clear it up. These worked like a charm. We didn't have to switch to disposables and we didn't have to worry about getting any on the cloth either.

  • Reusable Liners: While not super essential yet, these liners have helped me keep our diapers stain free. I also prefer to use them with the cloth diaper cream so it doesn't come in direct contact with the diapers. Once the little one starts solids, I've heard these make cleaning up a bit easier, I'm hopeful!

  • Sheet Savers: Like waterproof mattress covers, these convenient pads are a must, especially while figuring out a nighttime diaper routine. They make cleaning up after a leaky diaper a snap, without soiled sheets {even more essential if you co-sleep!}.

  • Pail-size Wet Bags: I have two, that way I can wash one with the dirties and hang dry it, while still having a place for soiled diapers.

  • Changing Pad: These come in many shapes and sizes, but I love my simple changing pad, it's waterproof and has soft flannel on one side. I wash it with my diapers after a few uses or when it's soiled.

  • Smaller Wet Bags: These are great for the day or up to a weekend away. I prefer my single diaper sized bag for outings, and if I'm going to be gone longer I bring a few diapers and a bigger bag, then swap clean diapers into my little wet bag and leave the dirties in bigger one in the car.

    Jennie is mommy to 5-month-old Silas. She's been cloth diapering four of those months, and loves it. When Silas gives her a chance, she devotes her spare time to the Etsy shop she runs with her mom. Feel free to stop by their blog, Clover & Violet :: Our Blissful Lives, for cloth diaper tips, sewing stories, tutorials, recipes, and more.


    dannyscotland said...

    This was a really great post. Lots of good info explained really simply for new CD moms. Thanks!

    Terri said...

    Great post! I've been doing CD for a while now but still found it very informative.

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