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Winners of the Cloth Diaper Bling Contest!

Remember our Cloth Diaper Bling Idea Contest? We asked for your ideas for some cute new blinkies that we could create that advertise Cloth, Knickernappies, etc. As well as gettting your ideas made into blinkies that anyone can use, TWO winners will receive a custom blinkie made just for them in the style/design of their choosing!

ALL of the ideas were super cute and it was actually quite hard to choose! Thank you all for participating. Without further delay, here are the winners!
Amy, Comment #12


Jill, Comment #2


Congratulations on winning and thanks so much for participating. Please email marketing(at) for more information on your customized blinkie!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Taking a closer look at the Knickernappies Stay-dry Hemp Doublers!

Today's post is taking a closer look at the Knickernappies Stay-dry Hemp Doublers. These doublers are great multi-use accessories and should be a staple in any mama's cloth diaper stash! What makes them so great? Well let's take a look...

  • They come pre-washed. Our hemp is pre-washed so the doublers won't shrink and you can wash and use them right away with your diapers. No need to have to wash them separately before use, we've taken care of the pre-washing for you!
  • Topped with Knickernappies custom milled 100% polyester microfleece. Our super soft microfleece makes these doublers a pleasure for baby to wear and keep baby feeling dry while helping wick the moisture through to the hemp side.
  • Our Hemp is a 45% Hemp, 55% Cotton blend and makes these doublers super absorbent and trim! To read more about Hemp's amazing properties you can read a previous blog post here The 411 on Hemp!
  • Our doublers can be used as a doubler inside of your favorite fitted, on top or inside of a prefold or even as an insert inside of a pocket diaper! You can use them any way you'd like!
  • Available in 3 convenient sizes; Small: 5"x12"-Medium: 5"x14"-Large: 5"x16"
  • Proudly Made in the USA
Ready to shop? Visit our Retailer Locator and get your Stay-dry Hemp Doublers today!

Monday, June 28, 2010

The magic of wool: The benefits of cloth diapering!

Reader Contributed Article
Lana wool soaker 5 weeksWhen I was growing up, my mom loved dressing me in wool: plaid kilts, hand-knitted mittens and hats, hand-me-down sweaters, nubbly tights…and boy, did all that wool itch! I grew up certain I would swear off wool for good.

But when I was researching cloth diapers for my baby, I kept hearing about wool. "No, no," I heard, "it's not like the wool you remember! It's soft. It's not scratchy. Honest!"

So I took the leap and tried out some wool products for my little one, afraid as I did so that I might rough up my baby's sweet skin and make him grow up determined to swear off wool for life!

And you know what? Now I'm here to say to all the other skeptics out there: The wool you'll find in cloth diaper products is so nice. It's generally fine-gauge merino wool, which is soft enough to rub against your face. No scratchiness at all!

But beyond the comfort of merino wool, I found out something else: Wool is magic!

All right, all right, not literally magic, but it does have some super incredible properties. Here are my favorites:
  • Wool absorbs wetness. If you use a wool diaper cover on your little one, you won't need to worry about any seeping onto your lap. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture before it feels wet. And even when it's wet, it retains heat, unlike other materials that turn clammy and make the wearer cold. This is why wool is used so much in winter outerwear, and it means wool covers are ideal for nighttime use, because even a soaking-wet baby will stay toasty all night.

  • Wool repels wetness. I know, I know — how can it both absorb and repel? Like I said, magic! Well, OK, technically, it has to do with the way wool is formed and the lanolin it Aristocrats wool diaper cover 15 weekscontains. Wool is made up on the microscopic level of tiny overlapping scales, and lanolin is the grease that sheep's skin secretes that acts as a sort of waterproof barrier. That means a wool cover alone over a prefold or fitted diaper is plenty of protection from leaks — no plastic or vinyl needed!

  • Wool is self-cleaning and antibacterial. As wool absorbs moisture, the lanolin converts into a type of soap that is antibacterial. Wool doesn't get dirtier when peed on — it gets cleaner. (See, I told you it was magical!)

  • Wool is an all-season fabric. It is warming in winter but cooling in summer. If you also grew up wearing wool, you probably wore it only in winter, in the form of coats or mittens, but wool is very breathable and won't make your baby sweat or trap moisture. I'm not saying you should wear a wool suit in the summer, but your baby's bum won't overheat in a wool cover in August! Our baby wore wool covers all year round, and because of our good experience with wool, we put a wool fleece mattress cover under our sheets — it has protected the mattress from any leaking or sweating, but it's breathable and cooling even in the summer months, unlike sticky plastics.

  • Wool can help prevent diaper rash. Because of wool's breathability and absorbency, babies wearing wool diaper covers won't have as much moisture pressed against their skin. Our little guy wore prefolds and wool covers almost exclusively, and we never had a problem with rash.

  • Wool is hypoallergenic. Wool does not contain dust mites so is an excellent choice for bedding. A soft merino wool puddle pad is a wonderful addition to a baby's bed, to prevent leaks onto the sheets. We used a small merino wool blanket as a puddle pad and it nearly always absorbed any leaks before our sheets could get wet. Now, some people consider themselves allergic to wool, but they're usually allergic to chemicals used to extract the lanolin in conventionally manufactured wool. It's best to seek out an organic wool for baby products to prevent this problem.

  • Wool is naturally flame resistant. Wool is a safe fabric to have around young children because it tends to smolder when exposed to flame rather than burn dangerously, even though there are no harsh chemicals added, and it self-extinguishes if the flame is removed.

  • Wool is easy to care for! Well, all right, you can't usually throw it in the washer and dryer. But it's not hard to learn to care for good wool. We had a rotation of several wool covers, and I would wash one whenever it felt damp to the touch or had gotten poop on it, or if neither had happened but I felt like it had been awhile. I probably washed each cover once every week or two.

    • I hand washed with a gentle wool shampoo called Eucalan; there are several brands available, and some people use just baby shampoo. I like that Eucalan has some lanolin in it, so that it's lanolizing my wool a little each time I wash. You can rub the cleanser into any stains and wash them out, but otherwise just put a little wool cleanser into a sinkful of tepid water and let your wool soak for several minutes before squeezing it out. No rinsing needed if you're using a specialty cleanser.

    • Lanolizing is the other task for wool users. After awhile, all the lanolin in the wool is converted into that antibacterial soap, and you need to replenish it. If you notice a diaper cover or puddle pad leaking, that means it's time for lanolin! I used just a standard breastfeeding cream made up of pure lanolin; there are other ways to get it, too. Squirt a small amount of lanolin (about a half inch to an inch) in the sink and plug the drain, and then soak the lanolin in a small amount of very hot water until it dissolves. Next, add cold water until the sink is full and the temperature is tepid. Now add your wool, and let it soak for 45 minutes or so.

    • Once you're done washing or lanolizing, just lay flat to dry! Wool absorbs a lot of Woolly Mommath wool diaper cover standing at window 17 mwater, remember, so it does take awhile to get fully dry. But you never want to put wool in a hot dryer, because it will shrink it up to doll size. Hint: I used the long dry time as an excuse to buy more cute wool covers!

So those are all the magical benefits of wool. You can find wool cloth diaper products in all sorts of styles and colors. Wool can be made into yarn, so longies and shorties are often knitted from wool. Wool can be felted to become even more densely waterproof. Wool can also be made into soft fabrics and dyed vivid shades and patterns. Whatever wool you find, enjoy the magic of it! Your baby will, too.

Photos are of Mikko in wool diaper covers.

Lauren Wayne profile picture HoboMama.comLauren Wayne is the mother to 3-year-old Mikko, who graduated from diapers over a year ago. And, yes, it was sad for her to say goodbye to those sweet wool covers! Read more of Lauren's writing at Hobo Mama: A Blog About Natural Parenting, where she talks about breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth diapering, green living, and more.

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Vote for Knickernappies @ The Cloth Diaper Awards!

Came across this cute new Blog just starting out, hoping to give out Cloth Diaper Awards! They've got a great survey you take where they ask you all about your diapering experience and what your favorite brands are of each type of diaper. I think the results will be super interesting and hope this idea really catches on with the masses of cloth diapering mamas out there on the web.

Head on over to The Cloth Diaper Awards and take the survey! If you love Knickernappies then vote for us! While you're there make sure you become a Fan of The Cloth Diaper Awards on FaceBook so you can stay up to date on the awards and who's in the lead. Such a fun idea, I hope you'll participate!

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This week's Featured Retailer is Wee Little Changes!

We're super happy to spotlight Wee Little Changes in this week's Featured Retailer post! April runs a great business and we thought you'd like to get to know her a little better. Read our interview below and find out what makes her tick!

Tell us a little about yourself, your family, if you have little ones in cloth diapers, etc.-Hi! My name is April and myself and my family own and operate Wee Little Changes out of Wilmington, North Carolina. My husband and I have three wonderful and wild sons that keep us on our toes. We currently cloth diaper our youngest and love every minute of it.

Wee Little Changes is dedicated to provide quality (and cute!) products that are good for your baby, the environment and your purse. I have done countless hours of research on all of our products, and each one has been tested by my family and found to be a winner.

How'd you get started cloth diapering and what made you decide to open your own business? Wee Little Changes was dreamed of after my third son was born. It was quite ironic really. I think I wanted to go back to work but I really didn’t. I am fortunate enough to have that option and I am grateful for it! I started using cloth diapers when I realized my son had eczema and was irritated by just about everything that he came into contact with. It didn’t take me long to get sucked in to the world of cloth diapering; I loved every minute of it. There is such a feeling of satisfaction knowing that by diapering your baby with cotton instead of paper (and a bunch of other nasty stuff) that you are helping them, protecting the environment, AND saving money. No brainer for me! And then, all the styles and colors… I had to try them all! So, the story goes.

What do you like best about being in the cloth diaper industry? The thing I enjoy most about this job is the interaction with other mothers. I love to troubleshoot and help them find that nighttime cloth diaper solution they so desperately need. There are so many options out there and very little community support. I am hopeful that cloth diapers will continue to be an “in” fad. I am so excited to see what the next few years have to offer in the world of cloth diapers. How much easier could it get? I guess they could wash themselves?!

What are your favorite Knickernappies products and why? Love the One-Size with either the LoopyDo insert or the SuperDo insert. I am all for One-Size diapers in an effort to save money by not having to buy multiple sizes etc. Both the LoopyDo and SuperDo inserts are made of hemp and microfiber materials. The inserts are so trim and nice and wide in the crotch area without adding too much bulk. Another nice feature, is that they are sewn in a circle instead of all sandwiched together and makes drying time so quick compared to other hemp inserts. This is currently my go to diaper for night use. I usually use the SuperDo along with a Microfiber insert to get my little guy though a full night of slumber.

Special Offer: Save 10% off Knickernappies OS diapers!

*Stay connected with Wee Little Changes by following them via the links below.

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Knickernappies Sighting: Kozzy Bottoms Blog Giveaway & more!

Good morning! Time for another Knickernappies Sighting post. We've got some great sightings from giveaways to reviews and then some. Be sure you check them all out!
Have another sighting that I've missed? Comment with a link to it and we'll add it to the post!

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Are accessories a necessity? One cloth diapering mama thinks so.

Reader Contributed Article

When you venture down the baby isle at any store, you will probably notice there is a bit more to diapering a baby than just the diapers. Cloth diapering can be the same way, in addition to the stash of diapers, you may need a few other products to complete your diapering system. Here are a few things I cannot {or will not} diaper without and why I've found them to be so useful:
  • Cloth Wipes: Diapers and wipes go hand in hand, so why bother with disposable wipes when you can use cloth? You can even make your own to really save, and not much sewing expertise is required.

  • Wipe Solution: While you can wet the wipes with warm water, I prefer to use a spritzer bottle of wipe solution. I spray it directly on baby's bum, then wipe clean, repeating if necessary. My personal favorite are the Baby Bum Drops, not only do they work great, but they're economical. And, since they're gels, the are easy to store until you need to make more.

  • Cloth Diaper Safe Cream: If many cloth diapered babies don't get diaper rash, why have diaper cream? Well, what if your baby does get a rash? I didn't initially buy cloth safe cream, and then my little guy got a diaper rash and it created a bunch of problems while I waited for the cloth safe cream to arrive, since there isn't a brand readily available at the store, and I don't have a cloth diaper shop near where I live.

  • Flushable Liners: While these are often referenced as useful for traveling and flushing older baby poo, I have found they are also useful for younger babies. I was beginning to think I was foolish for purchasing a roll of these so soon, until my little one scratched himself in the diaper area and need bacitracin to clear it up. These worked like a charm. We didn't have to switch to disposables and we didn't have to worry about getting any on the cloth either.

  • Reusable Liners: While not super essential yet, these liners have helped me keep our diapers stain free. I also prefer to use them with the cloth diaper cream so it doesn't come in direct contact with the diapers. Once the little one starts solids, I've heard these make cleaning up a bit easier, I'm hopeful!

  • Sheet Savers: Like waterproof mattress covers, these convenient pads are a must, especially while figuring out a nighttime diaper routine. They make cleaning up after a leaky diaper a snap, without soiled sheets {even more essential if you co-sleep!}.

  • Pail-size Wet Bags: I have two, that way I can wash one with the dirties and hang dry it, while still having a place for soiled diapers.

  • Changing Pad: These come in many shapes and sizes, but I love my simple changing pad, it's waterproof and has soft flannel on one side. I wash it with my diapers after a few uses or when it's soiled.

  • Smaller Wet Bags: These are great for the day or up to a weekend away. I prefer my single diaper sized bag for outings, and if I'm going to be gone longer I bring a few diapers and a bigger bag, then swap clean diapers into my little wet bag and leave the dirties in bigger one in the car.

    Jennie is mommy to 5-month-old Silas. She's been cloth diapering four of those months, and loves it. When Silas gives her a chance, she devotes her spare time to the Etsy shop she runs with her mom. Feel free to stop by their blog, Clover & Violet :: Our Blissful Lives, for cloth diaper tips, sewing stories, tutorials, recipes, and more.

    Tuesday, June 22, 2010

    Knickernappies Nursing Pads Review by Christy

    Christy's Review of the Knickernappies Reusable Nursing Pads

    Best Nursing Pads ever!

    I have
    tried many different nursing pads:

    Cotton washable pads = a joke! Ha. Nice try being green, not in this area I guess. I soaked through them in 5 minutes and had to change my bra, my shirt, and the baby.

    I ended up using Avent disposable nursing pads and went through boxes and boxes of them. They bunched up over a day and kind of stuck to me and were not nice, but I didn't leak through them. Other disposable nursing pads weren't any better and many of them were too big for me. Some crinkled and made me feel like I was wearing a disposable diaper in my shirt.

    Towards the end of my nursing days with Julia I found LANA wool nursing pads. I think I actually breathed a sigh of relief putting them on. They were so soft and I wore them constantly. Until I had Esther and started leaking through them.

    I may have found perfection in Knickernappies Stay-dry Nursing Pads. I've been using them with great success since Esther was born. They are soft fleece on the inside and waterproof pul on the outside. The inner layer is hemp which is anti-microbial and super absorbent. These are not bulky at all. I am thrilled to have a reusable, soft, stay-dry nursing pad that I love!

    Review by Christy of OneLittleWorldSheKnew

    Monday, June 21, 2010

    No looking back, A new mother explains how she became a cloth convert!

    Reader Contributed Article

    When I was pregnant with Squirmy, Hubby and I saw an episode of Dirty Jobs about a diaper service. The program pointed out some great advantages of cloth diapering. The one that stood out to Hubby and me was the environmental impact of disposable diapers. We were suddenly inspired to look into cloth diapering. Our journey was short... The price of local diaper services rivaled the cost of disposables. Family members who had used both cloth and disposable diapers warned us away from the "traumas" of diaper dunking, nasty diaper pails, rubber pants, and other unpleasant points. EVERYone told us the only way to go was with a diaper service. Seemed like a LOT of work for no financial savings...add to it, we hadn't decided about daycare vs me quitting my job. We turned our backs on cloth and went with the "only" option...disposables.

    I had friends online who were cloth diapering. I tipped my hat to them, but told myself I just couldn't do it. Then, when Squirmy was about a month old and the small stash we'd accrued was diminishing, we started wondering how we're going to afford diapers each week/month without having a second income. There was a nagging voice in my head reminding me that my friends had invested $200-$400 in cloth diapers and wouldn't have to spend a cent on another diaper...ever....not for this child or the next or.... I decided to take another gander at cloth. Surely all these women with infants the same age as my son couldn't be doing something as terrible as I was imagining.

    An afternoon of research later, I was armed with information. I was excited to tell Hubby ALL about this wonderful world of cloth I'd stumble upon. By the time he made it home from work I was rambling about AIO, OS, prefolds, doublers, pockets, prefolds, hybrids, and the clincher...the $2k we'd save just on Squirmy, let alone future children. I threw in some facts about the environment and health and who knows what else. It didn't really matter, I had him sold at saving $2k.

    I started scouring the web for brands and styles and reviews and...I was (am) OBSESSED!! I ordered our first batch, sinking $250 into this endeavor. I suddenly felt sick to my stomach and had some serious buyer's remorse. "What if I hate this? What if I can't keep up with the laundry? What if they leak? What if they stink? WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?" I still had a stash of disposable diapers to fall back on...

    But, I got my first batch in the mail and I was SUPER excited all over again! Then came the waiting while I washed them....over and over again. I didn't they'd ever be ready. Once they were, I was sold! I was (am) so in love!! Squirmy's perpetual red bum was almost instantly pasty white to match the rest his impossibly pale skin! They absorb wonderfully, almost never leak, and are so much better for the environment. I was starting to feel guilty as I used the last of our disposables for outings and for when I ran out of clean diapers before the laundry was done. We invested in some hybrid diapers for convenience sake (cloth liners for home and eco-friendly, disposable liners for theme parks and weekend trips).

    With my stash complete, we've made the switch to full time cloth. Not a single, traditional disposable diaper remains in our house! The laundry isn't a big deal, especially since Squirmy only gets breastmilk. We're super happy and complete cloth converts! No looking back :)

    Guest Post by Tina, A first time mom learning the ropes and figuring out how to be a modern mommy! Visit her at!

    *Are you interested in getting published on the Knickernappies Blog? We'd love to have you.

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    Fact or Fiction- Does sunning your diapers really kill bacteria?

    This is a re-published article from DiaperDiscussions Blog.

    This article is meant to bring to light some interesting info on sunning diapers that you might not have previously known. The question was asked by a cloth diapering mom.

    Question: I live in the Catskills of NY state and now that the weather is getting chilly, it takes hours & hours or days for my diapers to dry outside. The sun just isn't hot enough to do it in a short time like in the summer months. So, my question is, if I still want to use the sun for killing bacteria and icky stuff, how long should I leave them outside?

    The Answer: This is a great question. The truth is, we had to do a little digging this time, to be sure to provide as accurate an answer as possible. The information found on this topic was quite interesting and really eye opening.

    According to numerous sources on Google, direct exposure to UV (ultra violet) light is necessary for the destruction of bacteria and microorganisms in the air or on exposed surfaces. The rays must directly strike the organism, either at a high intensity for a short amount of time or a low intensity for an extended amount of time.

    If bacteria or mold spores are hidden beneath the surface of a material and not in the direct path of the rays then they will not be destroyed, UV light does not penetrate most substances, including fabrics. According to the National Weather Service, different types of clouds can either enhance or block UV rays. A good rule of thumb is that if you can see areas of blue sky, then you are being exposed to either direct or reflected UV rays.

    So how does this information affect the practice of sunning cloth diapers in order to rid them of unwanted bacteria? Well, the answer so far as I can tell, is that you cannot rely 100% on the UV rays to kill ALL of the bacteria and/or mold spores that may be lurking in your diapers. can increase the amount of bacteria affected by making sure your diapers are exposed to direct UV rays, turning them over to expose both sides, turning them inside out (if possible) and exposing the inside surfaces to direct rays as well.

    As for how much bacteria is being killed and/or how to measure how much UV rays you're exposing your diapers to? I am going to have to leave those answers up to the real scientists. In my opinion, it seems that any amount of bacteria killed by either a lot or a little exposure to UV rays is better than no bacteria killed by not sunning your diapers at all.

    Thanks for reading!

    Written by The Cloth Diaper Geek, Copyright 2009 DiaperDiscussions

    Friday, June 18, 2010

    Diaper Daisy is this week's Featured Knickernappies Retailer!

    Diaper Daisy, Home of the modern cloth diaper! is this week's featured retailer. Owned and operated by Sara Ingmire and her family.

    How'd you get started cloth diapering and what made you decide to open your own business? A friend started cloth diapering her child, and when I saw how truly easy it was, I knew it was something I wanted to try. My third child was diapered in cloth from the time he was born. As I was changing and washing diapers, and experienced for myself how easy and convenient cloth can be, I thought about how many more people would use cloth diapers if they only knew. That is when I decided to open my own business, and I ended up purchasing Diaper Daisy.

    What do you like best about being in the cloth diaper industry?
    I really love advocating for what I think is best for babies, and helping parents to figure out the best options for their families. All parents out there are just trying to make an educated choice about what products to choose with their children, and I am so happy to be a part of it.
    What are your favorite Knickernappies products and why?
    In our house, we really like the Knickernappies One Size Diapers with the LoopyDo insert. A flat front, snap closure, and fantastic absorbent insert - what's not to love?!
    We also love the SuperDo insert because it makes nighttime so easy! No need to double or triple stuff diapers, add extra covers, or anything else. Simply by putting the SuperDo insert into any pocket diaper, we are set for the night.

    At Diaper Daisy, we would love to provide everyone the opportunity to try our favorite products! Use the coupon code OURFAVES to save 15% on Knickernappies One Size Diapers and SuperDo inserts. This code is good now through July 15, 2010.

    Facebook -
    Twitter -
    Blog -

    Wednesday, June 16, 2010

    Do you enjoy writing? We need Blog Contributors!

    The Knickernappies Blog is looking for blog contributors! Do you love to write and share your wealth of knowledge and experiences with others? We'd love to have you as a guest author.

    We're looking for articles on green living, cloth diapering and more. From detergent reviews, diapering tips and tricks, folding techniques and video tutorials to homemade wipe solution recipes. You name it and we'd probably love to have it.

    So if you're interested in getting published on the Knickernappies Blog then shoot me an email at marketing(at) and let's talk! Content can have already been posted elsewhere, such as your blog or website, or it can be completely new.

    Want to write but need an idea? We can handle that too!

    Tuesday, June 15, 2010

    Cloth diapering doesn't have to be complicated.

    Cloth diapering can seem super overwhelming, especially if you've never seen any in person before. You're suddenly bombarded with a whole new set of vocabulary words to learn; AIO, Pocket, Stuffin, Doubler, Insert, Liner, Fitted, Semi-fitted, Stay-dry....what???????? The even harder part is that if you haven't had a chance to see and feel how all these things look and work in real life, the chances are that you're waaaaay overcomplicating them in your head.

    I know, it is enough to make your head explode but it really isn't all that complicated. If you're new to cloth I am about to really make your life a lot simpler. Here's what you need to know!

    A prefold is an insert, a stuffin, a doubler, a liner, a diaper and then....Really! I just want to make it super clear that once you have a stash built up of all the different cloth diapering diaper styles and their various accessories, they are all very interchangeable.

    Let's break the rules together!

    If something has a pocket then you can stuff it. You are not limited to stuffing it only with what it came with. The cloth diaper police will not come and take you away. Have a little fun. Try stuffing your favorite pocket with a tri-folded prefold and topping with a micro insert for overnight. Try tri-folding the prefold with a hemp doubler inside!

    Try not stuffing a pocket diaper! Use it as a cover over your favorite fitted. Use it as a swim diaper. Live a little!

    Have a favorite cover? Try using your inserts instead of a fitted or prefold inside. Simply lay them in, double them up, top with a fleece or disposable liner and see what happens. Have you just invented your very own new AI2 diapering system using what you already have in your stash? Wahoo!

    Ran out of doublers? Try cutting your prefolds in three and sew the edges. Voila, instant doublers/inserts.

    The purpose of this pep talk is just to let everyone, especially newbies, know that finding your own personal favorite method of diapering means you should experiment. Your popular brand OS diaper may be leaking at night with the inserts it came with and you might just be one extra doubler or prefold away from finding your best overnight solution.

    Just because something is a "doubler" doesn't mean it can't be used as an "insert."

    I encourage you to try switching up your diapers, covers, inserts and accessories and see what happens. Some things may not work and others might work better than you could have ever imagined!

    Anyone found any crazy cloth diapering combinations that work for you? Leave us a comment we'd love to read them.

    Monday, June 14, 2010

    Marvelous Monday Knickernappies Sightings!

    What's the scoop on Knickernappies Sightings for today? As usual you can find us all around the web and there are even some great Knickernappies giveaways going on too!

    • Fluff Envy is giving away a Knickernappies Diaper on their FaceBook Page! The giveaway is open to entrants who do NOT already use cloth diapers but would like to give them a try. Contest ends June 29th.
    • @GoGoNatural is giving away a Knickernappies OS Diaper on Twitter to one random follower! All you have to do is become a follower and retweet the giveaway. The lucky winner will be chosen on June 15th!
    • One of our newest retailers, Diaper Junction, is offering FREE Shipping on ALL Knickernappies products for a limited time! Check them out and tell them the KN Blog sent ya! Details can be found on their FaceBook Page.
    • Home Grown Families Blog is giving away a Knickernappies 2G Pocket Diaper w/ Insert! Many ways to enter, giveaway ends June 16, 2010.
    • Give Me Neither is hosting a Nighttyime Diapering Solution Giveaway! Read their review of how much they loved the SuperDo paired with a DryBees Fleece Pocket and enter to win one! This giveaway is sponsored by Ecobuns! Giveaway ends June 24th, 2010!

    Saturday, June 12, 2010

    Knickernappies welcomes the newest and tiniest member of their team...Colby Tate Hicks!

    Heather, Shannon & Camille welcomed the newest member of their family to the world on Monday night! Colby Tate Hicks was born on Monday, June 7th @ 10:26pm. He came in at an adorable 7lbs. 6oz. and 19 inches long.

    Amazingly enough after only a 2-3 day break it's back to business as usual in the Knickernappies household, the only difference is that now they've got a new little cloth diaper model! Heather and Shannon couldn't be happier and Camille is just loving her new job as big sister!

    Friday, June 11, 2010

    Knickernappies Featured Retailer of the Week is...TerraMade of Sioux Falls, SD!

    Today's Retailer of the Week is TerraMade of Sioux Falls, SD! Read today's post and get to know TerraMade and it's owners a little better.
    First tell us a little about your family, if you have little ones in cloth diapers, where you're located, etc.-TerraMade is owned and operated by Cam and Terra Anderson and their two little ones- both in cloth, ages 1 & 3. We are located in Sioux Falls, SD.

    How did you get started cloth diapering and what made you decide to open your own business?We got started with cloth diapering after not being able to find a good diaper option for our heavy wetting son with sensitive skin. We started out with one diaper just for nighttime, then five more…and then a few more…and then our daughter came along, and she has been exclusively in cloth with a very large diaper stash! We were hooked after that first diaper. We decided to open TerraMade Products because there was a local need for products for children and adults with sensitivities and allergies. We started with soaps, but adding diapers to the line-up just seemed logical. In fact, we love cloth diapering so much that we will soon be celebrating the grand opening of our new venture, Take A Load Off Diaper Service.

    What do you like best about being involved in the Cloth Diaper Industry?
    We love knowing that we are helping other children by providing a healthy option for them. The look on the faces of potential customers is priceless when we show them a diaper, knowing that they are expecting prefolds, pins, and plastic pants. We are a very green family, and take our environmental responsibilities very seriously.

    What are your favorite Knickernappies products and why?
    We love the new one-sized diapers. Compared to other one sized diapers we had tried in the past, these are the only diapers out children did not outgrow the rise. Of course the Loopy-Dos and Super-Dos are a must with heavy wetters! We also love the Doorknob Diaper Pail, and the Baby Bum Drops.

    Special Offer: Use Code Knicker10 at checkout and Save 10% off your order!

    Like TerraMade and want to stay connected with them? Follow them on Twitter and become their Fan on FaceBook!

    Thursday, June 10, 2010

    The Doorknob Diaper Pail is super versatile!

    The Doorknob Diaper Pail is the perfect cloth diaper accessory and an absolute must have! No more worrying about where to buy the right size diaper pail or garbage can, no worrying about where to put it or if your pail liner will even fit in it, the Doorknob Diaper Pail will fit where ever you want it to and it makes perfect sense!

    What makes the Doorknob Pail the right perfect choice?
    • Perfect for bathrooms where you don't have room to put a diaper pail. The Doorknob Pail snaps easily around any doorknob or can be hung from the towel bar, etc.
    • Generously sized at 24" long by 22" wide with a 5" gusset. Capable of fitting into a 13 gal. garbage can if needed.
    • Made of 100% Polyester PUL.
    • Contains a tiny sewn-in fabric swatch to use with a drop or two of essential oils to help control diaper odors.
    • Perfect for any room in the house and great for traveling, swimming, etc.
    • Made in the USA
    • Affordable MSRP of $19.99
    • Available in Baby Blue, Butter Yellow, Celery, Chocolate, Raspberry, Royal Blue, Seaspray, Spring Green, Turquoise, Violet & White!
    Doorknob Pails make cloth diapering easier and can be used beyond the cloth diapering years. They also make great Baby Shower Gifts for expecting moms!

    Grab yours today by visiting one of our fine retailers!

    Wednesday, June 9, 2010

    Oops, wrong detergent! Now what?

    If you read yesterday's detergent post, then you know what to expect for today: Your first choice of detergent resulted in leaking, smelling, rash, or even all three. Now what?

    Thankfully the answer is pretty easy, though it can take some time: a routine maintenance called stripping. The idea is to strip the detergent residue out of the fabric. Successfully done, it will improve absorbency, reduce odors, and help your baby stay rash-free.

    If you google "stripping cloth diapers" you'll find dozens of ways to do it. Some are easy, some are unbelievably complicated. Some methods void warranties. Here are the three methods I recommend most often. These methods are accepted by most of the major cloth diaper brands.

    1. Hot Water - try this one's easiest! Simply wash diapers and inserts as usual, then rewash in hot water 2-3 times with no detergent. During the agitation cycle (preferably hot water agitation), look inside your washer. If there are any soap bubbles at all, run another hot wash. Repeat until water is absolutely clear.

    2. Oxyclean - either the Regular or the Baby version will work. Wash diapers as usual first, then rewash in hot water with the amount of Oxyclean recommended on the label (usually 1 scoop). Rinse 2-3 times until water runs very clear.

    3. Dawn dishsoap - this one is overall the most effective, but takes the longest. Use original blue Dawn. Wash diapers first, the rewash in hot water with 2 tablespoons Dawn. Then rinse and rinse until water is clear. This can take a while to wash out all the Dawn bubbles. It's extra bubbly since it's not made for washing clothes, but it works very well to strip out detergent residue. If you have hot water rinse, that will be faster. If you can't get them bubble-free in 2-3 washes, then I recommend going ahead and using them, but running 2-3 washes when you wash them again. That way it breaks up the number of washes needed to get the water to run clear and you can use them in between.

    Other popular methods include using RLR (little balls of detergent found in the detergent aisle) or soaking with Rockin' Green. I haven't personally tried these methods, but I've heard great things about them. These methods are also not mentioned much by the manufacturers, but I don't think they would void any warranties.

    Just one last note: if you use dryer sheets or fabric softener with your regular laundry, it can transfer residue from the machine to your diapers. Use the same methods to strip out fabric softener residue. Then I recommend using a scoop of Oxyclean once every week or two to prevent buildup from occurring again.

    Written by Heather Hicks, Cloth Diaper Outlet

    Tuesday, June 8, 2010

    Detergents: What's the best choice?

    When first starting with cloth diapers, often the biggest question is not how to use diapers nor how to store them, but how to wash them. And detergent is the most important part of washing diapers. Choose the wrong detergent and you can end up with leaky, stinky diapers that leave a rash. Not a glowing endorsement for cloth diapering! But choose the right detergent, and you can have years of worry-free diapering with an easy wash routine.

    But how do you find the "right" detergent? And what do you do if you choose the "wrong" one?

    First, the list of recommended detergents.

    Good choices to try from your local store:
    Mountain Green, Country Save and Planet are the very best choices from your local store if you can find them. In some areas, these detergents are common, in others they're harder to find. Country Save and Planet are both recommended by most diaper manufacturers. Tide Free, Purex Free, and Arm&Hammer Senstive Skin are all pretty good choices from the regular detergent choices. These may or may not be recommended by diaper manufacturers, usually due to the presence of optical brighteners and enzymes.

    Good choices that are found online:
    Shopping for detergent online gives you an array of diaper-specific detergents. These are made specifically for use with cloth diapers and every manufacturer I know of okays these for use with their diapers. BumGenius, Tiny Bubbles, and Rockin' Green (unscented version). Allen's Naturally is also a great choice that is almost always only available online.

    Many of these great detergents are sold by our fine Knickernappies retailers! Click here to locate a retailer near you!

    Now for the BAD choices:
    While most detergents by far fall into the middle (might work for some but not for others), there are some generally BAD choices to be found. Most manufacturers specifically recommend NOT using these detergents: Dreft, ALL Baby, ALL Small&Mighty, and ALL Ultra. These are the worst offenders due to the presence of pure soap products which can leave a nasty buildup on diapers. Other BAD choices are BioKleen, Ecover, and most baby-specific detergents.

    It's important to note that choosing a Good detergent doesn't mean it will work for your diapers. It also depends on your local water quality and your washing machine. But in general, starting with a Good detergent is the best place to start! I've found that most parents are mostly successful with one of these detergents.

    What do you do if you get a detergent that's not working? Watch tomorrow for our post on stripping detergent residues out of diapers!

    *Sources: My own experiences, the Real Diaper Industry washing guidelines, Happy Heinys washing instructions, BumGenius washing instructions, FuzziBunz washing instructions, GroVia washing instructions, Knickernappies washing instructions.

    Heather Hicks, Cloth Diaper Outlet

    Monday, June 7, 2010

    Marvelous Monday Knickernappies Sightings! Giveaways Galore!

    Welcome to another Knickernappies Sighting post! Today we've got a lot to share. There are tons of great Knickernappies Reviews & Giveaways for you to enter until your heart's content. Remember you can't win if you don't enter, right!?

    • Enter to win a Knickernappies Onesize Pocket Diaper by becoming a Fan of Moms and Bums on FaceBook and commenting on their FB Wall! Giveaway ends June 11, 2010.
    • Wee Little Changes is giving away another Knickernappies OS Diaper on their Blog! Many great and easy ways to enter, contest ends July 2, 2010 so you've got plenty of time!
    • Home Grown Families is giving away a Knickernappies 2G Pocket Diaper w/ LoopyDo Insert! Head on over there and read their great review and enter the Giveaway! Giveaway ends June 16, 2010.
    • Baby Hope's Cloth Diapers is sponsoring a Knickernappies Giveaway over at The Coupon Mommy of 3 Blog! Read the great review of the Knickernappies OS Diaper and enter for your chance to win one of your own! Giveaway ends June 16, 2010.
    Do you have a Knickernappies Sighting to share? Comment here or on our FaceBook Wall and let us know! We'd love to hear about it.

    Sunday, June 6, 2010

    2 Weeks Old in a 2G!

    Remember out post on Wednesday? It was Knickernappies 2G Pocket Diapers are a MUST HAVE for Newborns! Well one of our tiniest little fans has shared his pic with us so you can check him out! He's 2 weeks old and proudly sporting his fabuolous Sz Small 2G Pocket Diaper!

    Friday, June 4, 2010

    Our Featured Retailer of the Week is....Moms and Bums of Ontario, Canada!

    Today's Featured Knickernappies Retailer is Tanya, owner of Moms and Bums! Want to get to know Tanya and how Moms and Bums was born? Check out her interview below and get to know her a little better!

    Tell us a little about your family, where you're located, if you have little ones in cloth, etc.-Moms and Bums is a parent owned and operated company located in Brampton, Ontario, Canada (just a few short minutes west of The Greater Toronto Area). We have 3 children- Kiera is 5, Aubrey is 2 and Gabriel is 2 months. As the parents of 3 we have a passion for cloth diapers and natural parenting products and want to help others with babies find products and information which will not only help them bond with their children, but also help save our earth.

    How did you get started cloth diapering and what made you decide to open your own business? When I was pregnant with Aubrey I started researching cloth diapers. I knew we were heading for a long stretch of me being off work again and wanted to do anything I could to stretch our dollars and be able to take a full year off. I had no idea the impact disposable diapers had on our earth or how easy cloth diapering would be.

    The hardest part of cloth diapering seemed to be finding them at a reasonable cost once you added shipping fees- I had 2 choices for cloth diaper stores- one in Ottawa (about 6 hours away by car) and 1 in BC (about a 4-5 hour plane trip). I did order a few samples from BC and started to research what needed to be done to get these diapers closer for those in my community. Moms and Bums was born! Our second website Natural Parenting Shop followed about 6 months later as we found more and more great natural products we wanted our community to be able to find too!

    What do you like best about being involved in the cloth diaper industry?
    Being able to help others find the products they need to cloth diaper their babies, and helping educate locals about cloth diapers.
    What are your favorite Knickernappies products and why? Aubrey and Gabriel love their KND smalls and OS Diapers with Loopy-Do inserts. The KND smalls were the only diaper that didn’t leak for Aubrey in the newborn days and fit her from 5lbs 7 oz until she hit roughly 15lbs. It was difficult to find diapers for her with chubby legs and a tiny tummy. They were also the only ones we didn’t resell from her stash and have been using them on Gabriel since he came home from the hospital at 5lbs 3ozI also love the Stackable Mama Pads! You won't find more absorbent, softer mama fluff anywhere!

    Special Offer for Knickernappies Blog readers: Use Coupon Code KND2010 for 5% off Knickernappies products through June 11, 2010.

    Stay connected with Tanya of Moms and Bums by Following her Blog, Becoming a FAN of Moms and Bums on FaceBook and Following Moms and Bums on Twitter!

    Thursday, June 3, 2010

    Knickernappies Sighting....on TV!

    Today's Knickernappies Sighting is super exciting! Diane of Go, Baby, Go! was recently interviewed in a tv segment by San Antonio Living. This was a great segment that went over the different brands of cloth available, their ease of use and why it's better to use cloth as opposed to disposable diapers.

    Diane did a great job! We can't believe how at ease she seemed in front of the camera. Watch this great segment and check out our Knickernappies OS diapers. At the very end of the segment there's even a cute little cloth diaper fashion show and Diane's daughter Penny models her red Knickernappies!

    Thanks so much Diane and congrats on such a great tv appearance!

    If you want to learn more about Diane and her business or if you're in the San Antonio area, check out Go, Baby, Go! and tell Diane the Knickernappies Blog sent you!

    Wednesday, June 2, 2010

    Knickernappies 2G Pocket Diapers are a MUST HAVE for newborns!

    For some moms cloth diapering is a clear choice from the very beginning and before baby is even born their stash may already be chosen for them.

    With the desire to save money and cloth diaper the most efficiently and economically, more and more moms are relying on one-size diapers to fit from birth to potty training. Something a lot of new moms or moms new to cloth diapering might not realize, is just how "fluffy" diapers can be on newborns, especially one-size diapers.

    Why do they seem so fluffy and bulky? Well their fit and bulkiness can depend a lot on the size of the baby at birth and what you choose to stuff the diapers with, but the simple fact of the matter is that in order for a diaper to fit a large toddler and a tiny baby the diaper has to be adjusted down to the smallest size and all that extra room has to be tucked away for future use.

    This is a not a huge issue, especially if you're aware of this fluffy phenomenon. The dilemma comes when moms realize that their cute little fluffy bottomed babies are not going to fit into their adorable little outfits they were gifted at birth. Some even worry that their tiny baby is uncomfortably overstuffed.

    The Knickernappies 2G Sized Pocket is the solution!
    • Fits babies from 5-15lbs
    • Can be stuffed with your choice of insert (Microfiber, LoopyDo, Hemp, etc.)
    • Super soft fleece interior you'll love putting against your new babies skin.
    • Side Snaps make tummy sleeping comfortable
    • Trim fitting and comfortable even on 5lb babies
    • Easy and convenient for use at the hospital
    We recommend you have at least a half dozen (6) of these invaluable diapers in your newborns stash! And remember, even though they'll outgrow them, they'll still be in great shape and can be saved for future babies and/or re-sold.

    So, there really are benefits to have at least some sized diapers in your stash, even if your plan is to use one-size diapers the majority of the time. Give them a try, you won't regret it.

    Tuesday, June 1, 2010

    Knickernappies Sightings: Save on Knickernappies, Enter Giveaways & more!

    Shopping for cloth diapers? Don't forget to check out our Retailers for some great Sales and Discount Codes on Knickernappies products and much more!

    Cloth Baby Bums- Carries a great selection of Knickernappies and other diapering products and accessories. Save 15% for a limited time with code KND15.

    GoGoNatural- Weekly Special: Save 10% off your Knickernappies order with code KND10.

    *Also, don't forget to Follow @GoGoNatural on Twitter. On June 15th one lucky follower will win a Knickernappies Onesize Diaper!

    Top to Bottom Baby- Top to Bottom Baby is one of our newest retailers and we're super proud to have them on board. They've got a Knickernappies Feature up on their Blog and they're giving away a Knickernappies Onesize Diaper! Contest ends June 1th so make sure you enter today!

    Do you have a Knickernappies Sighting that we should add? Leave a message and we'll get it listed.

    Thanks for reading!

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