Monday, May 17, 2010

Official Winners of the Knickernappies Fan Photo Contest are....

It's here! The moment you've all been waiting for. The "official" announcing of the winners of our FaceBook Fan Photo Contest! Thank you to everyone for entering and voting. It's so awesome to know there's such a great fan base for our diapers and that there are so many friends and family who support your decision and came out to vote for you all.

Let's re-cap on the prize details:
  • (1)Grand Prize - 6 Knickernappies 2G Pocket Diapers w/ winners choice of color/size/inserts
  • (5) Runner Ups - 1 Knickernappies 2G Pocket Diapers w/ winners choice of color/size/inserts
  • Retailers - Each winners prize will be matched and donated to the Cloth Diaper Foundation on behalf of the Knickernappies Retailer with whom the winners diaper was purchased!

So, here are our cute little winners!
Purchased at GoGreenBabyShop

Retailer Unknown

Purchased at Kelly's Closet

Purchased at Cloth Diaper Outlet
Were you one of our winners? Contact us asap at marketing(at) to claim your prize.


Little Miss Emmy Lou said...


Beccalynn said...

Thanks so much! That was fun! My little one was one of the runners up.

Suggestion, though. Next time, it might be nice if it isn't a voting thing. Sometimes those become popularity contests and awesome pictures get overlooked because they don't have enough influence in the online world. Honestly, there were pictures much nicer than mine and the other winners that didn't even get considered. I know someone who said she wasn't going to bother entering because she'd never be able to wrangle up enough votes. It's just a suggestion, though. We're all really grateful for this no matter how you choose to run it :-D

Julie said...

Thanks for the suggestions Becca. We totally get where you're coming from but the same can be said for people who don't have really nice cameras or professional photos. Those mamas don't stand a chance when the contest is based upon the cutest or most marketable photo and we had that in mind this time around. We thought it would be fun to sort of let mamas be in control of their own destiny as far as getting votes. There will be other contests, and not all will be run this way. Thanks for entering. ;)

jennbergerbrown said...

Maybe do a hybrid contest - with votes counting for something but not everything? I was late to the game so I can't complain but I had plenty of friends and friends of friends who couldn't figure out that they had to click through and then "like", they just kept liking my wall posts. Maybe I just need smarter friends!

Julie said...

Yeah we'll probably tweak it next time around but this was pretty successful for our first try at this type of "voting" contest. It was fun to watch the race and also to see moms out promoting their pics around the web.

Knickernappies - Heather said...

Congratulations to all the winners! It's been so much fun seeing your babies!

Lauren G. said...

Congrats to everyone!! I am very excited you had this contest!! Now I have more diapers for Chloe and for the surprise baby due in December!!

Kristi26 said...

I had the same issue as Jenn. Though I wrote in the status to click the link and THEN like the picture, I still got a ton of likes on the link itself. Sigh.

Fun contest though! Thanks for doing it! :D

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