Monday, May 10, 2010

Do you have anywhere local to shop for cloth diapers?

Have you wished that there was somewhere local to you where you could shop for cloth diapers, see the different styles, pickup an order you've placed instead of having to have it shipped to you? Well there just might be!

In this post I'd love to encourage you to use our Knickernappies Retailer Locator to see if there are retailers near you! All you do is enter your Zip Code, hit ENTER, and voila!

Did you also know that just because a retailer who is local to you doesn't have an actual store or showroom doesn't mean that you can't still shop from them in person. In fact, almost all retailers offer diaper demos. What's a diaper demo? Well you'd basically set up an appointment and get a hands on demonstration on how to use the different brands, styles, and more. Diaper demos are a great way to get to see some of the brands in person that you might not otherwise get to see.

Many retailers also either offer local delivery or pickup. So just because they may not have an actual store doesn't mean you can't still buy locally. Some even have showrooms set up in their own homes!

Please use our Knickernappies Retailer Locator and leave us a comment with which retailers are closest to you and if you already knew about them. You might just be surprised to find cloth diapers only a few miles away!


MommieV said...

The closest is 94 miles away. I already knew that, tho. I buy my Knickernappies online.

I've thought about opening a cloth diaper store - in my spare time :) I'd definitely carry Knickernappies.

slang76 said...

My closest is a little over 20 miles away - Abby's Lane. I knew that - I plan on going to one of her monthly sessions, though!

Anonymous said...

Well I have a store thats about 30mins away...but they dont carry KNs..tears...The closest one that does is Green Pixie Baby and its 177 miles away....I think Ill stick to online stores! ;)

Katrina said...

closest to me is 91 miles away... boo. =(

Knickernappies - Heather said...

If your closest diaper retailer doesn't carry Knickernappies, ask them to, especially if it would make a difference in whether or not you'd shop in their stores. Sometimes a customer asking is all it takes!

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