Monday, May 3, 2010

Cloth Wipes Part 3: Washing & Wipe Solution

Last but not least, in this part of our Cloth Wipes segment we'll briefly touch on how easy it is to care for your cloth wipes and how to use a Cloth Wipe Solution.

Cloth wipes don’t have special washing instructions. You can wash with any load, any detergent, on any water setting. Hot water is probably best just to get them good and clean, but I know of lots of moms who use cold water and find it just as sanitary. They can also always be washed with diapers which is ultra convenient. If you wash them with your diapers then there's no need to go fishing them out of the diaper pail or dirty wetbag, just toss them into the washer with your diapers!

When I first started using wipe solution, I used tiny squares of special soap (like Baby Bum Drops). They melt, but not very well in cold water. Instead, add a little water to an 8 oz plastic squirt bottle, add the square of soap, then heat in the microwave for 30 seconds or so until the water is piping hot. Swirl it around until the soap completely dissolves, then fill the bottle to the top with cold water. This way you have wipe solution quickly and easily, without waiting forever for the soap to dissolve or for water to cool.

by Heather Hicks. Copyright CDO, LLC. All rights reserved.


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