Monday, May 31, 2010

~Honoring Memorial Day~

Today's one of those holidays that doesn't seem like it should be called a 'holiday.' At first I spontaneously typed 'Happy Memorial Day' but honestly it's a day of remembrance, a day to honor those who served our country and those who continue to serve our country.

Words cannot express our gratitude. May peace be with all who've loved and lost and with all the families spending this holiday alone while their loved ones serve our country.

To all our Knickernappies Fans; We hope you all have some nice plans for the day and have been enjoying your weekend. If you're in the mood to shop, which I am sure some of you always Make sure you stop by the Knickernappies FaceBook Page, click on our Wall and view posts by "Knickernappies & Others." There you will find posts by our retailers advertising their Memorial Day Sales, Giveaways and other Promos.

Comment and let us know what your Memorial Day plans are and if you've got anything special planned. We always love to hear from you!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Need a little Cloth Diaper Bling? Plus a Contest!

We know, you're addicted to cloth diapers! If you weren't then you probably wouldn't be reading this right now. But you are and we're glad! lol

We know how you like to talk about cloth, buy cloth, sell cloth, trade cloth, fold cloth and on and on...So we thought you'd like some cute new Bling for your website, blog or message board signature.

Simply save the banner or blinkie to your computer and upload as needed or just grab the code and place the banner wherever you like! All we ask is that you link back to the KN Blog with each one.

What's the contest?

We want your help designing some new blinkies and banners! Give us your cute ideas, phrases, and more.

Leave a comment with your cute idea. Comment as many times as you'd like with as many ideas as you like. TWO winners will be chosen and their ideas will be made into blinkies. What do they win? In addition to their ideas being used, they'll receive a free, totally custom blinkie 150x50, personalized with whatever they like. Contest ends June 15, 2010.

So now, get your creative juices flowing and grab some of our new Bling below!





Friday, May 28, 2010

This week's Featured Retailer is Cloth Baby Bums!

Say hello to this week's newest Featured Knickernappies Retailer, Cloth Baby Bums! Cloth Baby Bums is located in beautiful Medford, Oregon and owned by Carmen West. Read our interview below and get to know Carmen and her business a little better!
Tell us a little about yourself, your family, if you have little ones in cloth, where you're located, etc.- I am a mommy of two. My daughter is three and my son is one, my son is still wearing cloth diapers and my daughter wore them until she learned to go potty in the bathroom. We are in Medford, Oregon. I am a co-leader of the Rogue Valley Holistic Moms network and I am an apprentice Midwife, a birth doula and breastfeeding counselor. I feel blessed to be doing the work that I do.

How'd you get started cloth diapering and what made you decide to open your own business? I learned about cloth diapers just before my daughter was born and fell in love with the idea of saving our planet from disposables that can take up to 500 years to decompose, saving my baby from being exposed to all of the dioxins and other chemicals in disposables as well as the idea of saving so much money compared to disposables.

My love for cloth diapers grew once I used them, they are so easy! I felt very fortunate to have the support of my husband who also loved our cloth diapers so I opened my business, Cloth Baby Bums, when my son was born because we were in need of a local cloth diaper retailer. I wanted to educate new mothers about the benefits of cloth diapers and have an opportunity to stay home with my growing family.

What do you like best about being in the Cloth Diaper Industry?
I love getting to know my customers. I have made so many new friends and watching their babies grow has been an amazing experience. The support in the Cloth diaper industry has been wonderful and has helped my make my business a success.

What are your favorite Knickernappies products and why? My favs are the One size diapers and the Mama Pads. We love the one size diaper because they fit both of my children so well. I had a three month old and 2 and 1/2 year old wearing the same diapers! Neither of them had leak issues and my daughter never complained about the KND One Size diaper when she was getting older and not liking the bulk of some other cloth diapers. I love the Mama Pads because they are so easy to use. I can adjust the absorbency that I need, they are comfortable and a must for any postpartum momma!

*Special Offer: Use Code KND15 for 15% off any purchase for a limited time!

Do you love Cloth Baby Bums? Support them by becoming a Fan on FaceBook, and Following them on Twitter!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Leaving on a jet plane...with cloth diapers!

This time of year, this is one of the questions we receive most often:

Can we travel with cloth diapers and how?

The answer? Absolutely! Preparation and foresight is key. Here are some tips I've learned from traveling:

Plan around the use of washing machines. If you're staying in hotels, try to book a room in a hotel that has guest laundry (the self-serve kind). Only dry your inserts or prefolds. Hotel dryers can run VERY hot and may ruin snaps or PUL products (the waterproof fabric on your covers and diapers). Hang the covers and pockets to dry.

Take your own detergent. A baggie of your favorite detergent is worth the hassle. If you have liquid, pack it in your checked baggage so it's not confiscated at the airport. Double bag powders. If you have a bottle of detergent, put it in a baggie to contain any leaks.

If you have two pail liners, take them both. One can hold dirty diapers and the other can hold clean ones. One of our pail liners is a hanging pail liner (Doorknob Diaper Pail). At home, it's a liner for our plastic pail, but on vacation, we snap it around a doorknob or towel bar for an instant travelling diaper pail.

Take all of your diapers that fit. Every last one, even the ones you never use. You never know how long you'll need to go between washes and having extra diapers can really be beneficial.

If you fly, take 1/2 of your diapers in a carry-on and 1/2 in your checked luggage. If possible, spread them out to as many suitcases as possible, just in case a bag is lost.

If you can't find a washing machine, wash by hand. Most inserts will dry overnight, prefolds can still be used even slightly damp, and most covers and pockets will dry quickly.

For longer trips or trips totally without washing facilities, covers and flats are a great way to go. They are easily handwashed and dry very quickly.

We took a trip three years ago that really challenged our use of cloth diapers. First we had a 12 hour flight with two layovers, then a 3 hour drive, then an overnight stay where we washed diapers. Then an 18 hour car trip and a 3-day stay in the boonies. Almost broke down and bought disposables, but ended up finding a secret washing machine in the basement. Snuck in to wash diapers. Another 18 hour car trip, then a week at my Mom's with her machine. Then the flight home. We successfully cloth diapered the entire trip. During the long car ride, we had a huge bag of dirty diapers, but with the top twisted on our pail liners, no one in the van could smell a thing. Whew!

Heather Hicks, copyright Cloth Diaper Outlet 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Do you worry about the snaps on your diapers?

Knickernappies Lifetime Warranty on Snaps!

When comparing the benefits of Snap diapers vs. Aplix diapers, one of the main reasons moms want to go with Aplix is because they are afraid that the snaps will break over time and that they won't be able to fix them themselves.

Did you know that Knickernappies diapers come with a lifetime warranty on snaps? No longer do you have to fear buying snap diapers because you're afraid the snaps won't last, will wear out or break. We've taken all the risk right out of it!

Our lifetime warranty insures that your snap replacement will be covered no matter how long you've had your Knickernappies diapers or where they were purchased. If it breaks we will fix it.

Visit our Warranty Info Page for more information on our other product warranties. If you need to return an item a RMA must be obtained first. The RMA form can be found HERE.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Giveaway Alert: Knickernappies 2G Diaper Review & Giveaway!

Exploits of a Military Mama is hosting her cloth diapering event "Military Mamas Month of Fluff!" We're super excited to have been a part of this cool event and to have had her review our 2G Pocket Diaper & LoopyDo Insert which was sent to her and sponsored by NoPins4Baby.

The 2G Pocket fit her little cutie Sully perfectly and she's posted tons of pictures with this review which is great! Make sure you head over there and check out the review.

Don't forget, Exploits of a Military Mama is also giving away a 2G Pocket Diaper w/ LoopyDo Insert to one of her lucky readers! There are many great ways to enter, don't miss your chance to win this great diaper and find out why it's getting such rave reviews!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Knickernappies Sightings: Five Green Beans, Cloth Diaper Malaysia & Kozzy Bottoms!

Another great International Knickernappies Sighting! Cloth Diaper Malaysia is hosting a Giveaway of 3 Knickernappies OS Diapers. The Giveaway is sponsored by Baby-Mel, a Malaysian Knickernappies retailer. Giveaway ends June 11 and is open to Malaysian residents only.

New Retailer Five Green Beans is celebrating their Grand Opening! Knickernappies is proud to be one of the cloth diaper brands they chose to stock and we wish them all the success in the world. Stop by their cute new store and check out all that they have to offer. One lucky shopper during the week of their Grand Opening will receive a FREE gift!

Want to win some Fluff Dust? head on over to the KozzyBottoms Blog and enter to win their latest Giveaway! Giveaway ends May 30, 2010. While you're there be sure to check out KozzyBottoms website! They have a gorgeous store and carry a great variety of products.

Do you have a Knickernappies Sighting to report? We'd love to check it out. Comment with the URL. Thanks!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Do you really fold your diaper laundry?

I have to fess up, I am one who didn't fold my diapers after they came out of the laundry. I'd like to tell you that it was because I didn't have anywhere good to store, that's a valid excuse right? Well I sort of didn't have anywhere nice to put them after they were folded but even if I did I am not sure I would have used it...

The truth is that I had twins in cloth and was already overwhelmed with the daily routines and adjusting to the fact that our family went from 3 to 5 overnight and laundry was already one of my downfalls. The washer and dryer were both always full and there was always laundry to be folded. Having to fold and pre-stuff my cloth diapers after they came out of the laundry just so that I could reach for them and use them all over again ended up seeming unlogical to me.

At first I tried to keep up with the folding and stuffing so that I could admire my stash in all it's glory but in no time I had transitioned to keeping them in large toy bucket with handles, a huge one. When I needed a diaper I would just reach in and grab what I needed. It worked for me but I am certain that this method would drive many of you insane!

So my question is....Do you even fold your diapers? Do you pre-stuff them, display them nicely, arrange them in a rainbow, photograph them in all their fluffy glory? We'd love to hear from you and see pics of your stash whether it be in a huge pile or stored all neatly alphabetized by manufacturer name.

Written by Julia Clark
(laundry photo courtesy of

Friday, May 21, 2010

Knickernappies Retailer of the Week! Simple Wonders

This week's Featured Retailer is Simple Wonders, owned by super eco-savvy mama Sultana, and located in Olympia, WA! Read our interview to find out more about this great business!
Tell us a little about yourself, your family, if you have any little ones in cloth, etc-I have a background in environmental sciences and knew I wanted to have an environmentally friendly company. I have always used cloth diapers on children I have cared for and it was a natural extension to open my own store when I had my own children. I have 2 children, who are also the testers for all my products. My daughter will be 5 years old in May and my son is 2 1/2. He is still in diapers and not at all interested in the potty so I have plenty of time left to continue testing! I started my online store when I lived in Massachusetts, moved it with us to North Carolina and we have now permanently settled in Olympia, WA.

How did you get started cloth diapering and what made you decide to open your own business?
The main impetus to open my own business was when I had my daughter and my friends were so curious about her diapers. I ended up giving them cloth diapering 101 lessons and decided to offer a place to buy them as well as my knowledge. I have had my online store for 5 years now and specialize in helping each specific family choose the perfect diapering system for their family and situation. I have a showroom where people are welcome to come and take a look at the products, get free and personalized diaper demonstrations and ask questions to their hearts content! I also ship most orders within ONE business day!

What do you like best about being involved in the Cloth Diaper Industry?
I personally love saving all that garbage from our landfills. That is my absolute favorite aspect of helping people to use cloth diapers.

What are your favorite Knickernappies products and why?
I love all the Knickernappies products. If I had to pick a favorite, I think I would pick the Super-Do inserts. There is just nothing that can beat that absorbancy!

**Special Offer: Use Discount Code "5off" for a 5% discount on any order than contains a Knickernappies product. (expires June 15)
Do you love Simple Wonders?
Become a FAN of Simple Wonders on Facebook by "liking" them HERE.
Follow the Simple Wonders Blog HERE.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Up close and personal with the Knickernappies Stackable Mama Pads!

Your baby uses cloth, you should too! Did you know that it is estimated that each year a woman will spend between $150-$200.00 a year on disposable menstrual products? Many just accept this as part of life, kind of like buying toilet paper or toothpaste, a necessity.

Well throwing that much money away doesn't have to be a necessity, plus reusable menstrual products are better for your body, better for the environment and much more comfortable than you could ever imagine.

Let's take a closer look at Knickernappies Reusable Mama Pads, the Stackable Mama Pad system.
Knickernappies Stackable Pads come with the option of wearing one pad for normal to light days and adding a booster pad for heavier days. These photos depict the Stackable Mama Pads with the microfiber option, we also offer a hemp version for those who wish to use more natural fibers and want something a little more trim.
Each microfiber pad is topped with a luxuriously soft velour, the microfiber does not rest right against your delicate skin. Each pad snaps and unsnaps easily and the outer shell has two seetings to accomodate the fact that not all panties are alike. It provides a secure fit that you rely on and wear with confidence.

Each set also folds up neatly and snaps closed after use which allows for convenient placement into a mama pad storage bag inside your purse.
Replacement pads are avaialable as well which means that you don't always have to replace the outer shell. This feature allows you to save even more money then if you were using all-in-one mama pads.

Interested in purchasing Knickernappies Stackable Mama Pads? Visit one of our fine retailers today! Click HERE to locate a retailer near you.

*Have you used Knickernappies Stackable Pads? We'd love for you to submit a review. Please send your reviews to

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cloth vs. Disposable, Fact vs. Fiction - Is one obviously better than the other?

There is no end in sight to the battle between cloth diapers and disposables. The use of eco-friendly diapering alternatives is on the rise and the mega-manufacturers of sposies have taken notice. We can not expect them to sit back and watch as our industry grows in popularity, converting one mom at a time from disposables to cloth or hybrids.

The lines have been drawn in the sand and advocates for both sides have been standing their ground, playing defense for their team.

What's the problem? The problem is that it's hard to tell Fact from Fiction, especially when some of the largest companies back their own studies and provide the public with what they want you to believe are un-biased scientific facts.

This post will address some of the most common Facts and try to provide you with enough information and legitimate sources to allow you to make up your own mind about what truly is Fact or Fiction.

Let us first address the topic of resources and energy used in the production and consumption of cloth diapers vs. disposables. Have you read The Great Diaper Debate? It's a great article and makes valid points both for and against cloth diapers and disposables.

It cites studies who have evaluated the energy usage for the use of cloth diapers and claims to have found there to be no real difference environmentally between the two competing daipering methods.

"found no difference between the overall environmental impact of disposable diapers, home-laundered cloth, and commercially laundered cloth diapers."

But they do go on to say that conflicting studies have found the results to be much more complicated.

What's my take? Well to me the difference is obvious. Studies, most likely backed by those large mega-manufacturers, always like to point out the energy used in washing and drying cloth diapers, the resources used by the trucks who work for cloth diaper services as they transport the cloth diapers to and from customers, etc.

But what about that plank sticking out of their own eye? I guess they didn't notice it because they were so busy looking for the speck in ours. The energy used to make the disposables, the resources used to transport millions and millions of diapers to stores across the country and around the globe? I rarely see any mention of it. Comparisons are always made to the diapers that end up in landfills vs. the energy and resources needed to care for cloth diapers. What about where the disposables come from? They don't just magically appear.

Let's take a look at some other facts, really obvious ones, facts that don't need expensive studies to back them up.

FACT: Cloth Diapers are made by humans and not machines, are not made in huge factories that create pollution, and are not made with components that are also made in turn by more machine operated, environment-polluting factories.

FACT: Cloth Diapers are primarily sold by small family owned and operated businesses and mom-entrepreneurs. Disposables are sold in mass quantities by BIG BOX retailers.

FACT: The health risks to your baby are greater when using disposables than when using cloth diapers made of natural fibers.

FACT: According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, one disposable diaper is approximated to take up to 450 years to decompose in a landfill. The RDA estimates that a baby could use approximately 6,00 diapers in their first two years of life.

These facts are not complicated and do not require super in depth answers, they are pretty cut and dry and in my opinion make the clear winner obvious.

Lastly, let me leave you with this sweet video. It will give you a glimpse at all the loving care that goes into the production of disposables.

If you can not view the video here you can view it directly on Youtube by following this link

Written by Julia Clark

Monday, May 17, 2010

Official Winners of the Knickernappies Fan Photo Contest are....

It's here! The moment you've all been waiting for. The "official" announcing of the winners of our FaceBook Fan Photo Contest! Thank you to everyone for entering and voting. It's so awesome to know there's such a great fan base for our diapers and that there are so many friends and family who support your decision and came out to vote for you all.

Let's re-cap on the prize details:
  • (1)Grand Prize - 6 Knickernappies 2G Pocket Diapers w/ winners choice of color/size/inserts
  • (5) Runner Ups - 1 Knickernappies 2G Pocket Diapers w/ winners choice of color/size/inserts
  • Retailers - Each winners prize will be matched and donated to the Cloth Diaper Foundation on behalf of the Knickernappies Retailer with whom the winners diaper was purchased!

So, here are our cute little winners!
Purchased at GoGreenBabyShop

Retailer Unknown

Purchased at Kelly's Closet

Purchased at Cloth Diaper Outlet
Were you one of our winners? Contact us asap at marketing(at) to claim your prize.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Knickernappies website got a makeover!

It's been a long time coming and was very much needed. Our Knickernappies website finally got the makeover it deserved. Our new layout features the latest blog posts, makes it easy for customers to connect with us on Twitter and FaceBook, showcases our fabulous lineup of products and most importantly helps customers connect with our retailers for all of their Knickernappies purchases!

Head on over to Knickernappies and let us know what you think! Make sure to check out some of our great new features like

Friday, May 14, 2010

Knickernappies Retailer of the Week! The Uncommon Bottom

This week it's The Uncommon Bottom's turn at being our Featured Retailer! Want to learn a little more about the sisters who own and operate it? Read our interview and get to know them a little better.

Tell us a little about yourselves, your family, if you have little ones in cloth diapers, etc.- Laina & Mieken are sisters and co-owners of the Uncommon Bottom.

I am stay at home mother of 1 year old boy (in reusable diapers). I am married to a very supportive husband who loves cloth diapers and the business. In my spare time I love to read, go on walks & sew. Other hobbies I enjoy are canoeing, camping, biking, & decorating.

Mieken is a Recreational Therapist. Also married to a very supportive husband. She enjoys all things outdoors, but especially skiing and rock climbing. She loves to cook, read, and sew.

Where is The Uncommon Bottom located? We are located in beautiful Salt Lake City, UT.

How did you get started cloth diapering and what made you decide to open your own business? I always imagined myself using cloth diapers. It is what my mom used and she loved them. I have always had a love of the environment and do what I can to help preserve its beauty. Disposables were just never an option for me. After doing a LOT of online research to try and find the best cloth diaper for me and my baby I found a real interest in reusable diapers and decided I wanted to make the process of using cloth easier for others. This is what started my adventure of opening my own business. I wanted to help parents interested in reusing have an easier time than I did. I wanted to help people find the perfect diaper for them, their baby, and their budget. And that is what I am currently doing.

What do you like best about being in the Cloth Diaper Industry? I love getting to associate with parents that are so excited to start using cloth. I love talking to parents about their children. I love being a part of a change for the better.

What are your favorite Knickernappies products and why? I LOVE the LoopyDo insert. Absorbs well and drys quickly, a great combination. I also love the Doorknob Diaper Pail. It is the perfect solution to an easy to pack diaper pail while we travel.

Want to keep up with Uncommon Bottom? Follow their Blog for all their updates, sales and more at Some Uncommon Blogging.

Become a FAN of Uncommon Bottom on FaceBook HERE.

*Special Offer: Knickernappies OS Diapers are 10% off from May 14-May 21st!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How many diapers do I need in my stash?

How many diapers do I need? Seems like a straightforward enough question right? Well ask any mom who's been cloth diapering and she'll tell you that you can never have enough diapers in your stash. That's because cloth diapering is addictive and there's nothing cuter than seeing your little ones bum in their newest leopard print or minky diaper, side-snapping or aplix, fitted, cover, etc. so why stop buying them!? lol

But seriously, while you can never have too many, according to some, how many do you really NEED? It's one of the most basic questions and one that must be answered in order for anyone to successfully convert to cloth diapers full time.

First off, how many you need depends a lot on how often you want to wash diaper laundry, how many little ones you have in diapers, and how old they are.

Newborns needs their diaper changed a LOT. I wouldn't hesitate to say that you could change a newborn or small baby's diaper up to 12 times a day, maybe more. They might not be filling their diaper at each diaper change but instead are doing a little squirt here or there, enough to warrant a change of diapers every time you turn around.

Older babies and toddlers who are gaining more control over their bowel movements seem to begin to hold it more and go less often but in larger quantities than small babies. This means less diaper changes. At the very minimum I'd say you'd still need to count on having at least 6-8 diapers per day to be on the safe side.

So I know what you're thinking "Multiply the number per day by how many days before washing and...voila! That's the magic number!" Well it's not always quite that easy.

One thing you want to consider is that for most, cloth diapering is affordable and desirable because you want to have your stash of diapers to last through potty training and for future children.

If you have exactly the number of diapers that you need to get you through a day then you need to think about the fact that those diapers will be being laundered almost 365 days a year! Now cloth diapers are not unlike your clothing, take a nice shirt you have, a quality made one, and wash it every day or so for 1,2,3 years and it's going to get worn out, there's no way around it.

Basically, the more diapers you have in your cloth diaper rotation means each diaper is getting used less and washed less. This results in a lot less wear and tear on your diapers and they remain in better shape in order for you to be able to sell them, give them away, or save them for use on future babies.

Do you have a magic number? How many diapers do you have and what are your thoughts on this topic? We'd love to hear from you!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Do you love your Knickernappies products? We'd love to hear from you!

Are you a fan of Knickernappies? If you've used a Knickernappies brand product we'd love to hear from you. We just love to feature customer comments and reviews on our Blog and we especially love seeing those little ones sporting their Knickernappies diapers!

We're looking for reviews of
  • Knickernappies Onesize Diaper
  • Knickernappies 2G Pocket Diaper
  • LoopyDo Insert
  • SuperDo Insert
  • Just Hemp Inserts
  • Stay-Dry Hemp Doublers
  • Stay-Dry Fleece Liners
  • Knickernappies Stackable Mama Pads
  • Reusable Nursing Pads
  • Fluff Dust
  • Baby Bum Drops Wipe Solution
  • Knickernappies Diaper Sprayer
  • Doorknob Diaper Pail
  • & more!
So if you'd love to be famous for a day, email us your Knickernappies testimonials and reviews along with a cute picture of your little one, if possible. We'd be happy to link back to your personal blog or website in the post. Let us know what you like about the product, how it worked for you, how it fit, how it compared to similar brands, if you'd recommend it to others and any other pertinent info.

Email your questions and/or reviews to marketing(at)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Do you have anywhere local to shop for cloth diapers?

Have you wished that there was somewhere local to you where you could shop for cloth diapers, see the different styles, pickup an order you've placed instead of having to have it shipped to you? Well there just might be!

In this post I'd love to encourage you to use our Knickernappies Retailer Locator to see if there are retailers near you! All you do is enter your Zip Code, hit ENTER, and voila!

Did you also know that just because a retailer who is local to you doesn't have an actual store or showroom doesn't mean that you can't still shop from them in person. In fact, almost all retailers offer diaper demos. What's a diaper demo? Well you'd basically set up an appointment and get a hands on demonstration on how to use the different brands, styles, and more. Diaper demos are a great way to get to see some of the brands in person that you might not otherwise get to see.

Many retailers also either offer local delivery or pickup. So just because they may not have an actual store doesn't mean you can't still buy locally. Some even have showrooms set up in their own homes!

Please use our Knickernappies Retailer Locator and leave us a comment with which retailers are closest to you and if you already knew about them. You might just be surprised to find cloth diapers only a few miles away!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Battling the Ammonia Beast

Cloth diapers are so easy to use, but there is one really tricky spot that I often am asked about: ammonia in toddler diapers. This is a tricky beast with no single solution, but lots of things to try. We dealt with ammonia in our daughter's diapers and I tried everything, even ruining a batch of diapers in my experimentation. Assuming your detergent choice is good and your wash routine is appropriate, there are several tips that can help with ammonia. Here's what I found helped us the most:

Try soaking for 15 minutes with Oxyclean. You can soak a little longer, but no more than 2 hours since soaking can be hard on the PUL after awhile.

You can use Bac-Out. We found Bac-Out was the solution for our ammonia issues when our daughter was that age. The best results were with spraying it directly onto each insert and diaper when we put it into the diaper pail. But that got tedious after awhile, so I tried soaking for 15 minutes in the washer with the lowest water setting and 1/4 cup of Bac-Out. That helped a lot, too, though I went through the Bac-Out faster. Some moms have found success with diluted Bac-Out to help it last longer...50% Bac-Out and 50% water.

You can bleach inserts, but I wouldn't bleach the diapers themselves unless you're completely desperate. Bleach is really hard on PUL. You won't notice any difference right away, but months later tiny pinholes will appear in the laminate, then it starts to crack. I found that out the hard way, not once but twice! Bleach voids the warranty of Knickernappies diapers, but is fine to use occasionally for inserts (1/4 cup is what we recommend for inserts).

If you can sun your diapers, that helps some with ammonia and works wonders on stains. Wash diapers as usual, then lay or hang in the sun to dry. Diapers don't have to be outside, it works in a sunny window or car dashboard, too. It doesn't even have to be sunny. I've "sunned" diapers on rainy days. Still works, just takes longer. I think it's the UV rays that naturally bleach out stains and disinfect.

I have heard of moms having success with baking soda, or vinegar, or essential oils in the wash. These did not work for us and will void the warranties of some diaper brands, so be sure to check warranties before you try anything in your wash besides detergent.

Again, all of this assumes that you are using a good detergent and wash routine. We'll discuss detergents and washing routines in future posts.

Have you battled the Ammonia beast with success? Share your tricks with us by commenting.

by Heather Hicks and copyright. All rights reserved. CDO, LLC 2010

Friday, May 7, 2010

Knickernappies Retailer of the Week! Sweet Little Blessings

It's that time again! Time to feature another one of our fabulous retailers! This week it's Sweet Little Blessings turn in the limelight! Let's get to know Coleen a little better!

Tell us a little about yourself and your family-
My name is Coleen and my husband Kevin and I live in Lancaster, PA. We have 11 children, 8 boys and 3 girls. We are expecting our 12th little one in September. After 5 boys in a row, everyone is hoping for a little girl, but I think it is pretty safe to assume that it's another boy! Right now I have 2 in cloth diapers full time. Connor who is 9 months and Logan who just turned 2. Kent is 3 and potty trained during the day, but still wears cloth at night. When I am not busy homeschooling, I enjoy sewing, scrapbooking, reading and baking.

How'd you get started cloth diapering and what made you decide to open your own business? I started using cloth with our 4th baby to save money. It is hard for me to believe that was about 11 years ago! I had always wanted to start my own business and figured that I had quite a bit of experience with cloth diapers! I finally decided to start Sweet Little Blessings in July of 2008.
What do you like best about being in the Cloth Diaper Industry? I like meeting new moms and sharing my experience with cloth diapers.

What are your favorite Knickernappies products and why? I love Knickernappies pockets, especially the large. They have a nice trim fit for older children who still need to wear diapers for overnight. They still fit when all the other brands are too small. I also love the Doorknob Diaper pail. It hangs on a hook in my laundry room and doesn't take up any floor space which is very important since I have a very small laundry room!

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