Friday, April 23, 2010

Knickernappies Retailer of the Week! Squishy Tushy

Guess who this week's Featured Retailer is? It's Teresa of Squishy Tushy! Squishy Tushy is a modern cloth diaper boutique and also local diaper service. They are located in SE Michigan, 15 minutes from Toledo, Ohio and 30 minutes from Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Tell us a little about yourself and your family and how you got into the cloth diaper business-I created Squishy Tushy to share my love of cloth diapers with the rest of the world. Here's my story and experiences with the diapers that changed my life!

Before my oldest was even born I decided I wanted to use cloth diapers. I went to a department store bought Gerber prefolds and those little Gerber plastic pants (yuck!). I was so excited, everyone told me I was crazy but I was determined to use cloth. My first sweet pea was born and I used cloth for a few months, then I started having trouble, leaking, messes everywhere. I decided cloth must just not be for me and started using disposables.

My second sweet pea was born and she got a HORRIBLE bleeding rash on her bottom. I took her to several doctors and no one could tell me what it was from or how to stop it. She would scream when I would change her diaper and the tears would just roll down both of our eyes. I tried different kinds of disposables and nothing helped, prescription upon prescription and still she had an extremely sore, bloody bottom. So I decided I had no choice but to use cloth diapers again. That is when I discovered the WONDERFUL world of cloth! I bought some pocket diapers and within 3 days her bottom was free of any rashes, her and I were both happy again. One of my favorite diapers for my babies was a Knickernappies Pocket, they were our jeans diapers!

What do you like best about being in the cloth diaper industry?
I love my job, not everyone can say that, but I truly do. I love to help other moms with all the questions and help trouble shoot any cloth diapering problems.

What are your favorite Knickernappies products and why? I love the Sized Pocket Diaper-they are so trim and super adjustable. I wish my babies were still in diapers, I know the one size would really be a hit at my house. SuperDo's and LoopyDo's are some of my other favorites, they are a great insert when you just need a little or sometimes a lot more absorbency!

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