Friday, April 30, 2010

Knickernappies Retailer of the Week! Eco-Politan

Let's hear it for this week's Featured Retailer, Eco-Politan! Eco-Politan is owned by a lovely mama named Robin and they are located in Lakewood, CO (a Denver suburb). Did you know they have an 1800+ square foot store? You need to check them out!

Tell us a little about yourself and your family and how you got into the cloth diaper business-I am a working mom of two little ones. Levi Bentley is 2.5 and a cloth diaper graduate. Bianca Blu is 6 months and loves her selection of fluffy diapers. I am married to a wonderful, supportive husband of six years, Paul, who works for the Denver Hospice and happily comes after work to help out at the retail store, where the kids and I spend our days. We live and work in Lakewood, CO ... a Denver suburb. Paul and I went to the same high school, graduated from the University of Colorado before marrying in 2004.

How'd you get started cloth diapering and what made you decide to open you own business? My older son attempted to make his way into the world at 21 weeks, so I spent 16 weeks on complete bedrest. To pass the time, I spent hours each day online learning about natural parenting practices and products. It was during this time that I discovered modern cloth diapers. Inspired to leave the world a better place for our child, we chose to exclusively cloth diaper our soon to be born child and incorporate natural parenting and other eco-responsible lifestyle choices into our home.

After three months back in a downtown corporate position after his arrival, I longed to spend more time with my son. I looked back at the amazing products I discovered on bedrest and decided I wanted to open an online retail store to promote natural parenting products as an easy to use, affordable alternative for the every day suburban soccer mom. Just under two years later, we opened an 1800 square foot retail store front in a busy shopping center just a half mile from our home. At ecoPOLITAN, we have everything you need to keep your family happy and the planet healthy!

What do you like best about being in the cloth diaper industry? As a working mom, I love the fact that so many of the cloth diaper companies are owned and operated by moms. Meeting women who created a product to solve a child's health issue or who decided to take the idea of work-life balance into their own hands, I am continually inspired by other like minded moms who are trying to do the best they can for their family and their planet.

What are your favorite Knickernappies products and why? It's hard to pick a favorite, but I'd have to say the Doorknob Diaper Pail has a special place in our home. Or should I say places?! We have one hanging in both kids room and on the door to our laundry room off the kitchen for towels, bibs and general laundry left around the house. It takes up no space at all and is perfect for laundry or diapers, at home or when we travel!

**Special Discount: Save 10% on your order with code Knicker10 at checkout!

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Eco-Politan is located at
437B S. Wadsworth Blvd. in Lakewood across from the Belmar area shopping district.


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