Thursday, April 15, 2010

Knickernappies 2nd Annual Photo Contest starts now! You could win BIG!

We're are so excited to announce the launch of our 2nd Annual Knickernappies Photo Contest and this year it's bigger and better than ever! The Grand Prize is huge and what's the best part? You're in control of your own destiny. There's no mystery panel of judges who randomly announce a winner, this time you promote your photo and get as many votes as you can.

Here are the details:

When: Contest runs from April 15-May 15, 2010

Where: Knickernappies FaceBook Page

How to enter: To enter the contest you must be a Fan of Knickernappies on FaceBook. After you've become a Fan you need to upload a photo of your little wearing a Knickernappies Diaper. One entry per person please. In the comments for your photo please add the URL to the store where you purchased the diaper. Make sure to include a clickable link to the store, not just the name.

Eligible photos must be uploaded to the Fan Photos between April 15 through May 15. If you already have a Fan Photo uploaded that you'd like to use as your entry then you need to upload it again so that it will have the proper date and also a link to the retailer.

If your photo does not include a link to a Knickernappies Retailer in the comments it will be deleted and you will have to resubmit . If you don't know the store name or didn't get the diaper new just say so.

How do you get votes? Every time someone "LIKES" your photo it is a vote. When the contest ends the photo with the most "LIKES" is the winner. Comments are encouraged as well but do not count as votes.

How do I promote my photo? We've provided a handy "Vote for Me" button on the left hand column of the Blog. You simply grab the code and replace the code/url that says with the url to your Fan Photo. You can then place the button on your Blog or Website, on Message Boards, Your FaceBook page, etc. and encourage friends and family to vote for your photo by "LIKING" it.

Another GREAT and EASY way to promote your photo is to "SHARE" it via FaceBook. When you are on your photo in our FB Fan Photos you will see a link to "SHARE" it with your friends and family via your FaceBook Page. When you share it you need to make sure to let your friends and family know that they need to click through the link to the Knickernappies FB Page to "LIKE" it. Liking it on your page when you share it is not the same as liking it on the KN FB Page.

What are the prizes?

Grand Prize-(1 Winner) 6 Knickernappies 2G Sized Pocket Diapers with your choice of inserts (Just Hemp, Microfiber, Loopy-Do's), color, and size!

Runner Up's- (5 Winners) 1 Knickernappies 2G Sized Pocket Diapers with your choice of inserts (Just Hemp, Microfiber, Loopy-Do's), color, and size!

But what about the retailers?
Knickernappies will match each winners prize as a donation to The Cloth Diaper Foundation (formerly Miracle Diapers) on the each of the retailers behalf!

Have questions? Post your questions here or visit our FaceBook Page where we'll have a discussion in our discussion forums started to answer your needs and help you with any issues you may have.

*This contest is open to participants worldwide!


Beccalynn said...

What a great contest!!!

Life More Simply said...


MommieV said...

I bought most of my Knickernappies used off Diaperswappers. Should I put a link so the donation could be made on behalf of the site? Or should I just mention that I bought them used?


Julie said...

You can just put that you bought them used. :)

Lisa J said...

Oh that's awesome Julie! Thank you :) The Cloth Diaper Foundation LOVES KNICKERNAPPIES! :)

The Wife said...

Great contest!

Following you from Cloth Diapering Bloggers. =)

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