Thursday, April 8, 2010

Diaper Sprayers (Part 2) - Tips & Tricks for use

In Part 1 we covered the basics of why it benefits you to have and use a diaper sprayer, ease of use, installation and more. Now we'll cover some of the recommended tips and tricks for using a diaper sprayer that will help you cloth diaper like a pro!

Tip 1 Make sure to turn the shut off valve after each use. This prevents curious toddlers and others from testing out the sprayer and hosing down your bathroom.

Tip 2 Lift the seat first before you get started!

Tip 3 Adjust the spray to your preference before each use. Michelle of Cloth Diapers Made Simple recommends a test spray into the toilet first so that you'll get a sense of how and where it will spray. This will greatly reduce accidental overspray.

Tip 4 Hold the diaper down into the toilet as much as you can and spray downwards.

Tip 5 Wring out the diaper into the toilet using the exterior of the diaper, if possible. Andrea's article, The Art of Diaper Spraying, gives a great example. If you were to spray a prefold you would then use the cover to wring out the prefold into the toilet by rolling it in the diaper/cover.

Tip 6 Keep a diaper pail or wetbag near the toilet to help you transport your sprayed diapers to your main pail, if it is not already located in the bathroom. This helps prevent dripping everywhere!

Tip 7 Install the sprayer in your laundry room! Bayla of Soft and Cozy Baby Blog suggests you look for alternative places to install the sprayer if you're uncomfortable with the idea of it being at the toilet. Some moms have successfully installed their sprayer at their utility sink or at the washing machine in their laundry room.

Do you have any diaper sprayer tips that aren't listed above? We'd love to read them. Please leave your comments.


Jill said...

All these tips are great, I don't have a sprayer yet, but am considering it and wonder really hard about where to put it. The laundry room is a great idea. I meant to have a utility sink installed, so we may have to consider it soon!

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