Monday, April 5, 2010

Customer Review by Usie, Knickernappies Onesize Diaper w/ LoopyDo Inserts

Usie's Review of the Knickernappies OS w/ LoopyDo Inserts

Purchased at MIVI Baby Shop, Bandung Indonesia

How was the overall review of product, fit, features, ease of use, how you like this product compared to other brands-The diaper is quite big, it prevents leakage, and it can be used longer than others brand and the microfleece inner is so soft. It's safe for my baby's skin.

It's easy to wear on my baby, because of the side snap. The LoopyDo insert, so so highly recommended. My baby is so heavy wetter. I usually put a disposable diaper on him during the night until I found Knickernappies one size with Loopydo insert, my baby could wear it all night long without leak at all. There are some brands from US which when worn by my baby is always leaking, even within 3 hours only during the day.

What's your favorite feature? The big size diaper and loopydo insert. I loooove it! ;D

Would you recommend this product to others? I have a small online baby shop. I sell some local cloth diaper products. But for night time use, mostly I recommend Knickernappies
with LoopyDo
insert to my customers.

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